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Skype Viruses

Hackers have found ways to use Skype for their dastardly deeds. While none of these tricks are new to the work of hacking, you may be surprised that Skype could compromise your computer security. The more you know about these threats, the better prepared you will be to avoid them. Here is a list of some of the more recent threats to hit Skype users. While some of these aren't technically viruses, they are malware, so you should avoid them with just as much caution.

There have been some spectacular hacks on social media, business sites and customer databases in the last few of years — some of the big ones include Sony PlayStation, Adobe, Yahoo, Facebook, SpamHaus, Twitter, SnapChat and Skype to name a few. 
In the context of these security compromises, we need to stay vigilant to any unusual activity on accounts and regularly changes passwords. However, a stolen password or email from one account can then be used to initiate a hack on another account as it’s information provides a gateway. 

Scam Chats
Scam chats are a common way hackers spread viruses through Skype. A scam chat is when a hacker starts a conversation with people with the intent of drawing them in with a sad story or sexy pictures. The hacker will give them a link to click on to access more information or to download a picture. When users click on the link, it downloads a virus to their computers.
For example, one hacker would randomly message users, telling them that he was trying to find a missing child. He would ask for help and give the users who responded a link to a site where they could supposedly help with the search. Of course, this link led them to a virus. The best way to protect yourself from these viruses, aside from the best anti-virus software, is to only click on links from people you know, even if the person shares a compelling story or claims to know you.
The Fake Virus Call
Another sneaky way a scammer can use Skype is by making fake virus calls. The hacker will call a Skype customer using an automated system. The automated voice tells the people who answer the call that a virus has infected their computers and that they should purchase particular software to fix the problem. The automated voice gives them a website address to purchase the software. If they visit the website, it infects their computers with a virus.
Once again, avoiding this type of scam is easy. Simply don't follow directions given to you by an unknown source, no matter how convincing it sounds.
Trojan.Peskyspy is exactly what its name implies. It is a Trojan that spies on you while you use Skype. A Trojan is like the little brother of a virus. Viruses replicate themselves and spread. Trojans simply sit in your computer and cause mischief. This particular Trojan was designed to listen in on computers' audio devices. Skype itself isn't infected with the malware. The users' computers are infected, and any audio, like a phone call conducted using the computer's microphone, is recorded and can be accessed by the hacker.
While this doesn't present a huge threat if you only call your mother using Skype, it could become a big problem if you use it to call your credit card company or your bank. Fortunately, the Trojan.Peskyspy can be detected and deleted with anti-virus software.
With a little avoidance and some good anti-virus software, you can use Skype without any worries of computer infection.

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  Betsey Lewis is a renowned psychic medium, the host of Rainbow Vision Network since 2009,
earth mysteries investigator and contactee experiencer. Since childhood, the paranormal has been the normal
for her with two major UFO experiences and contact with the Other Side. Betsey has researched UFO sightings, cattle mutilations, angels, aliens, and other earth mysteries for the past forty years. She practices Reiki, Kriya Yoga, astrology, tarot and numerology, and regressive hypnosis. Her mentors include Oglala Sioux ceremonial leader Ed McGaa “Eagle Man” and the late spiritual leader of the Western Shoshone Nation Corbin Harney. 

 Betsy Lewis-Psychic-Medium-Host of Rainbow Visions Radio Show-Sun Apr ...
For Immediate Release
Advanced praise for Earth Energy: Earth Energy provides profound and insightful knowledge for returning to proven ancient and indigenous wisdom practiced successfully through the ages: thus written by my friend Betsey Lewis. She provides invaluable information for those who love Mother Earth and want her healed again. With admitted climate change/planetary heating, we can't ignore Black Elk's warning vision. We must practice mindfulness, balance and respect for Mother Earth, if we are to save our planet, ourselves and all life--it's that critical! — Ed McGaa "Eagle Man" Sioux/Lakota author of Mother Earth Spirituality, Spirituality for America and other books. "Everything of importance I learned first from Mother Earth. Humanity has forgotten the sacredness of our unique planet and it is this wisdom we must return to as the Ancient Ones and indigenous people practiced for thousands of years," says author and intuitive Betsey Lewis. "The planet's survival and our survival depends on our return to a reverent way of life in this time of great earth upheaval. When we live from the heart, nothing is impossible." In Earth Energy, discover how the ancient peoples and indigenous tribes of the world practiced Earth wisdom for thousands of years in their daily lives. They understood that everything on Mother Earth is alive and has consciousness. The indigenous people tell us that if we don't return to ancient wisdom our faith is sealed in destruction. Learn why indigenous people have always sought mountains and water for spiritual enlightenment. In this book, discover the mythology of Earth's spirit elements—Water, Earth, Fire, and Air, and the relationship ancient peoples had with Earth’s elements for thousands of years. Also included in this book—suggested ways to heal the environment and prayers for living and honoring the elements the indigenous way. Learn ancient ways of connecting to Mother Nature and all Earth spirit deities.
Indigenous people warn us that Earth will soon be cleansed of the accumulated negativity caused by humanity's technology and greed if there isn't a greater orientation toward spiritual living. They tell us the planet is out of balance like Earth's inhabitants--we are out of ayni. If we are to survive, they say, we must return to ayni and ancient reverence again by honoring the old ways of life. What path will we chose--destruction or balance? The choice is ours, they say!
Betsey Lewis is an international psychic-medium, the host of Rainbow Vision Network since 2009, Earth mysteries investigator and Earthkeeper. Beginning at age three, the paranormal became normal for her with two UFO encounters and spirits contact from the Other Side. Betsey has researched and investigated UFOs sightings, cattle mutilations, angels, aliens, and other Earth mysteries for the past forty years. She practices Reiki, Kriya Yoga, astrology, tarot and numerology, and regressive hypnosis. Her mentors on the indigenous Earth Wisdom include
Earth Energy
Return to Ancient Wisdom
By Betsey Lewis

Available on all internet stores on January 24, 2015
ISBN 978-14910775 • 280 pages • 6 x 9 paperback $16.99 • eBook $8.49
Media contact:
Eileen Duhné eduhne@comcast.net / 415.459.2573

Betsey has appeared on Idaho’s KTVB noon show, KIVI morning show, The Dr. Michael Show, Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory, Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, and other popular talk radio shows. She was also a featured keynote speaker at the 2012 Alamo UFO Conference near Las Vegas. 

Published books include: Communicating with The Other Side—True Experiences of a Psychic-Medium, Mystic Revelations of Thirteen: The Key to Earth's Destiny, and Angels, Aliens and Prophecy II: The Angel-Aliens Agenda.

For more information on Betsey's work, practice and her daily Earth News1 blog, please visit: betseylewis.com.

Publicity: Eileen DuhnĂ©  •   eduhne@comcast.net  •  Skype: eileen.duhne

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BOOKS BY Steven & Even Strong



Shunned cover copy_low reshttp://www.amazon.com/dp/B00G2C21TS
“In their startling new book, Steven and Evan Strong challenge the Out-of-Africa theory, looking at the strong DNA and archeological evidence that Australia is where modern human beings – Homo sapiens sapiens – derived.
The Original Australians (referred to by some as Aboriginals), like so many indigenous peoples, have been stripped of their heritage by an aggressive European colonizing power while has re-written the history books, largely as an exercise in justifying exploitation, suppression, cultural genocide at best and in a number of cases, actual racial extinction as with the mainland Tasmanians. Partially to justify these crimes, and partially through a cultural blindness, the original Australians were perceived as, and portrayed as, the most ‘backward’ and ‘primitive’ of people. Yet, as the Strongs show, Original Australians had a rich culture which may have sown the first seeds of spirituality in the world. They had the technology to make international seafaring voyages and have left traces in the Americas and possibly, Japan, Southern India, Egypt and elsewhere. They practiced brain surgery, invented the first hand tools and had knowledge of penicillin.
Shunned brings together thirty years of intensive research in consultation with Elders in the Original Australian community who have shared their knowledge and wisdom with the authors to an extent few people outside their community have been privileged to experience. This ground-breaking book is essential reading for anybody who wants to know where the human race came from and perhaps where they should be going…”  (Jan Scherpenhuizen- Our Editor/ Literary Agent)

Ancient Aliens In Australia: Pleiadian Origins of Humanity

Ancient Aliens Australia
Bruce Fenton, author and a guest host for the Science Channel’s most popular show of 2013 ‘The Unexplained Files’ (appearing in series two Summer 2014), along with esteemed researcher, speaker and author, Steven Strong, take us on a journey to the mysterious ancient sites of Australia. On the way we also pass through ancient ruins of the Maya and the Egyptians as we search for the lost history of our collective human origins.
In this remarkable book, supported by numerous photos and images, we are introduced to the incredible physical evidence for a lost civilisation in Australia that held advanced knowledge and high technology. A civilisation that seems to proclaim for itself an out of this world origin – in the direction of the seven sisters of the Pleiades constellation. This lost race of progenitors may well be the true ancestors of modern Homo sapiens, the mysterious unknown third race included in our DNA alongside that of Neanderthals and Denisovans. The evidence is supplied for you examination.
This is not just a sharing of physical research relating to an ancient alien contact event, it is far more. It is also the record of an incredible modern contact event, a series of spontaneous shamanic journeys into altered states of consciousness, these have supplied a wealth of information about the Pleiadian beings themselves and their intimate connection with the authors. Allow yourself to be taken through time and into other dimensions of reality to gain an understanding of one of our galaxies most advanced ancient species. This direct contact has already led to the ruins of two other lost civilisations being brought to the awareness of the authors, the Pleiadians continue to seed a path of discovery about the true history of ancient humanity.
Read with an open mind and much wisdom can be gained here.
Are you ready to finally reclaim the lost knowledge of your true origins? Are you ready to meet the ancient aliens of Australia?

Order “Forgotten Origin”

Thumbnail of Forgotten Origin book cover
Forgotten Origin can be ordered through Book Depository, with free world wide delivery and dispatched within 48 hours: http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/Forgotten-Origin-Steven-Strong/9780761853343
Forgotten Origin is the third in a series of books dedicated to the first Homo sapiens: the Australian Aboriginal people. Steven Strong and Evan Strong continue in their investigation into the global impact of Aboriginal people sailing from, never to, Australia no less than 50,000 years ago, paying particular attention to the shared principles found within many Gnostic scriptures and the Dreaming. As radical as this theory may appear, the rigor applied, whether through mtDNA, Y Chromosomes, skull morphology or historical accounts, and the religious ancestry upon which this hidden history is founded, demands serious consideration. This is not their story. Steven Strong and Evan Strong make no claim to speak on behalf of anyone. They do, however, have the right to relay that which Aboriginal culture-custodians insist is true. The First Australians are unique, and in no way descended from Africans or any other race. Forgotten Origin is merely another reminder of this hidden truth.
Book and eBook also available through University Press of America

Order “Constructing a New World Map”

Thumbnail of Constructing a New World Map's book cover
Constructing a New World Map can be ordered through Book Depository, with free world wide delivery and dispatched within 48 hours: http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/book/9780761840817/Constructing-a-New-World-Map
The first book in the trilogy. Nearly 50,000 years ago Australian Aboriginals set sail seeking new horizons. As they arrived on distant shores, they brought with them beliefs and a lifestyle unknown elsewhere. Their legacy was a mixed blessing. Although founding the basis of modern culture and cooperative living, they also exported knowledge of one errant practice.
These mariners did not volunteer to leave Australia, they were banished for selecting an agricultural practice that offended the Ancestral Spirits and the land. Living in the first Garden of Eden, as it was with Cain and Abel who chose to farm the land and animals, they were exiled for breaking a sacred covenant with the Dreaming. Common sense would dismiss these radical claims, but findings made at Aboriginal sites, ancient graves, and cave walls, along with new advances in genetics, have created circumstances that require the construction of a new world map.
Recent discovery of Gnostic texts at Nag Hammadi, particularly scriptures devoted to Mary and Jesus, reveal the ancient mystical tradition that began in the Dreaming was the inspiration behind their teachings. The message, preached by both the Dreaming, and Mary and Jesus is as relevant and important today as it was 50,000 years ago.
Also available through University Press of America

Order “Mary Magdalene’s Dreaming”

Thumbnail of Mary Magdalene's Dreaming's book cover
Mary Magdalene’s Dreaming can be ordered through Book Depository, with free world wide delivery and dispatched within 48 hours: http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/book/9780761842804/Mary-Magdalenes-Dreaming
In Mary Magdalene’s Dreaming Steven Strong and Evan Strong continue their esoteric journey tracing the origins of religion that they began their first book, Constructing A New World Map. Strong and Strong examine the Gnostic Scriptures detailing the words and deeds of Mary and Jesus recently found at Nag Hammadi. They were, as Jesus stated in the Gospel of Thomas, custodians of a secret tradition. Jesus insisted he is but the caretaker of a “bubbling spring that I have tended”. The authors further assert their belief that this “bubbling spring” is identical to the “secret place” aboriginal elder, Bill Neidjie, urges all to discover and it is their contention that a closer inspection of the ancient mystical spring Jesus and Mary accessed is evident in many Gnostic texts. The secret knowledge Mary and Jesus preached, stripped of cultural and geographic differences, is undoubtedly the purest replication of the Dreaming since the first mariners were banished from Australia.
Also available through University Press of America


Book Review from John McGrath – senior lecturer Newcastle University (retired)


  1. Ev haama
    Hi guys read co evolution very interesting blessings to all xox
    1. Steven Strong
      Thanks will put it on our books to buy list.
  2. Malcolm Hutton
    Jesus did not exist. All of the gospels are plagiarised from Ancient Egyptian Beliefs which recognised The Ever Coming (IW) Son (Suh) of God – IOSA. Still the same name in Gaelic, but the Greeks changed it to IESOUS and then in English it became Jesus.
    The stories are all very much the same but with some variations. The first two chapters of Luke are carved into the Temple Walls at Denderah and Luxor dating back 3,550 years and 3,350 years respectively. The miracles were all stories that happened in Heaven – not on Earth.
    Iesous is deliberately mistranslated in Bibles – as Joshua in the Old Testament, but as Jesus in the New Testament. We know it was deliberate and meant to hide the truth because the Greek word in the Septuagint for Joshua is ‘Oise’ – see 1 Samuel chapter 6 (Septuagint in Greek can be read at ‘Read Many versions of the Bible online).
    Have you had the hieroglyphs translated – as shown in the Jan/Feb issue of New Dawn magazine?
    I can only make out a few, after going through all vocabularies in at least two Egyptian grammars. The top two on page 11 seem to indicate a two or three letter consonant ending in the letter ‘W’ (The Quail Chick is here used as a determinative glyph).
    The Horizon or Canopy over Sirius is well known, but the rectangle contains one mysterious glyph – the pot or whatever with long neck, which is followed by the letters D S and B. (Deseb) – could be a Name since these glyphs are enclosed.
    Nevertheless a very interesting article.
    Regards Malcolm
    1. steve strong
      Hi Malcolm,
      Apologies, only saw your reply yesterday. And yes, the Glyphs have bben translated by Roy Johnson and verified as such by Dr. Dia Abou-Ghazi (General-Director Cairo Museum). They are Proto-Egyptian and come before the three scripts, and are dated to be over 4,500 years. the story of Jesus-all I can say was that if you read the Egyptian Book of the Dead and factor in Isis resurrecting Osiris, and their life leading up to Osiris being betrayed by a disvciple then crucified-there are many, many parrallels.
      What is constant is that around this area is a huge predominance of Aboriginal engravings that reek of Egyptian iconography. What may be of even more interest, is that I have just been introduced to relics of an ancient civilistation not far from the Glphs.
      i cover all of this in much greater detail in the highest selling national Aboriginal weekly newspaper, the National Indigenous Times. So far I have written about 15 articles varying from 2-5,000 words,It starts up again on Jan 27 and the first four articles, which I’ve already done, cover aspects of this issue in greater detail.
      There is a PhD paper just submitted on the Glyphs, and i will do an article on the Glyphs, it’s all bar finished, to be published in NIT and New Dawn.
      i don’t know where you live but on Feb 18 I’ve been asked to give a two hour presentation at Kariong (right next to the Gosford glyphs), the person who did the paper will be there as will two film crews. If you are interested i could send you the advertisement the community did up.
      thanks for the response and kind words, Cheers, Steve

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Hi all, Here is the next article. Cheers Steve

Up Close and Personal: Ros’ Rock 1 & 2

By Steven & Evan Strong, with Photos by Samarah Wood

First up we must begin this article by thanking Samarah who volunteered her time, considerable expertise and battled through the dreaded Byron Bay holiday traffic to photograph Ros’ Rock 1 and 2. For some time colleagues have been pressing us to photograph these two rocks using high resolution and magnification. The recurring problem has always been that the cost was too high and until Samarah made this incredibly kind offer we were always hoping to get Ros’ Rocks photographed at this level of clarity, but this wish has been the first casualty of an endemic lack of ready cash.
These two rocks are now well known in academic circles and within many official agencies and neither group has reacted well. At the time of writing we are aware that the Head Curator of the National Geological Repository is familiar with these rocks and that the Smithsonian Institute has been contacted and is showing some genuine interest in their replies, but whether that will develop into something meaningful is yet to be seen. One of the many anonymous academics who is extremely interested in the pedigree of Ros’ Rocks 1 and 2 gave us a quite candid, and alas entirely expected, summation of the current impasse. There is a commonality in academia’s inability to recognise, our colleague noted that none have any idea of what to make of these wide assortments of markings and that no-one has seen anything like what has been inscribed into these two rocks. It seems about half of those prepared to respond will concede that the markings on the rocks are ‘man-made,’ but hasten to add they are merely guessing and have nothing concrete upon which to base that assumption. Read More at: http://forgottenorigin.com/up-close-and-personal-ros-rock-1-2-article

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“A Hole in the Neck: Long Before True Part 3″ (Article)

“A Hole in the Neck: Long Before True (Part 3)”

By Steven & Evan Strong
2014-11-03 15.57.12
Photo by Kate Nesbit

Of course, of the three artefacts Kate’s parents were given by the Elders from Mount Hagen, the carved head of the Alien/hominid stands apart. Undeniably the three artefacts are bound together by the Original guardians and geography, but we are of the belief that the head carving takes precedence through purpose and geology. The bird and cog/machine are of the same rock, while the head is carved from a basalt-like substance. It is also evident that in the content, geology and chisel strokes on the head there are marked differences.
Some Opinions from the Grandstand
Despite what separates these artefacts there seems to be one binding principle, flight. The bird obviously, with wings outstretched and individual unfurled feathers marked out with chisel, is all about moving through the air. Perhaps, within the configurations, angles and proportions there are clues of aero-dynamic principles and alignments? So too, if this is indeed an Alien, be it a Grey, Cone-head or some other off-world species, their mode of transport involves flying not only through air, but space, and possibly even time. In completing this exotic stock-take we have a circular six-cogged object with a perfect central circle that narrows to half its diameter in the middle. We are not engineers, but it looks like it is meant to rotate around some sort of axle presumably to facilitate a form of motion or movement. Or perhaps it is a model for a space-ship? Either way there is a good chance this object facilitates some form of movement. In our estimation at the basic level, these artefacts deal with the same general topic of flight through the skies and heavens above, but focus upon different aspects of the same theme.
Equally, well not really, but we are trying to at least appear balanced, an alternative explanation may be that this unusual strand of now extinct hominid worshipped flight and revered the bird. Another option with better credentials is that this is a symbolic representation of a spirit or God they worshipped, or a nebulous entity from another dimension. At first glance that notion could apply, but we still have the problem of explaining away so much advanced technology associated in making this carving of a head and neck. Spirits and poltergeists bring many things across from the other side, but as yet no-one has made claim to metal chisels, drills and bits being part of their esoteric tool-kit.
Drilling for Genes
2014-11-20 10.02.17 - CopyFor us, it is what is missing on the skull and neck that is the starting point of any analysis. There is no subtlety in a gaping circular hole drilled into the neck, nor is it an oversight that one ear was never carved, this is intentional and deserves much further deliberation. Could it be that one half of the skull is of an Alien and the other side, which also bears the extracted core from the neck, is the hominid that was crossed with extra-terrestrial genes? To drill that deep into the neck can lead to only one result, they will strike spine. We sense it isn’t oil but genes they were drilling for, and we also suspect at a later stage they were no longer extracting but injecting.
Continuing in the same vein, and remembering that this is purely speculative and without Original consultation, direct genetic intervention via the neck may provide an explanation to the inherent inconsistencies whenever the vexed topic of junk DNA is raised. The mere mention of any organism of which 90% of the DNA coding is deemed to be of no consequence and thus relegated to the junk heap is illogical and death-defying. If our heart, kidney or any vital organ was functioning at 10% capacity, we would be dead or on the operating table. That being the physical truth, why is it we are so willing to accept that both the brain and genes function as if only one cylinder is running in an eight cylinder car, and then still expect to get up the next hill running smoothly?
Remaining on that same neck, although long and narrow it has great depth. Everything about the neck, irrespective of the gaping hole, is anatomically wrong if comparing to any Earthly hominid.
The same observations also apply to the facial features on this carving which do not belong to the Indigenous people of PNG or anywhere nearby. Not just PNG, Australia and all the Pacific Islands, until Cook all people had broad noses, wide eyes and faces. There was no race in residence with such fine delicate facial features, almond eyes and what seems to be lacking in any facial hair.
“Long Before True”
Irrespective of whether our observations are flawed or valid, there still remains one incontestable truth. Knowing that these relics are very ancient, coming from a time “long before true,” the technology required in creation is in open contradiction to many fundamental tenets that underpin our understanding of humanities’ past and genetic ascension.
Outside that certainty, every other avenue open to investigation is embedded with degrees of possibility, and that proviso definitely applies when trying to decide who is posing for this sculpture. To suggest it is a ‘normal’ person who was modelling is no better than the fourth best choice on offer. It is most likely to be an Alien in the material sense, then next in line is an entity from the spiritual non-material plane, and lurking in shadows way off in the distance is the remote possibility it is a representation of an individual from a rogue group of hominids.
We really don’t care who the inspiration was, if for no other reason than there can be no final verdict and any identity will always be open to conjecture. But when it comes to the hardness of rock, sophistication of technology that was necessitated and what was extracted and omitted, these features are real and present and cannot be dismissed. These truths lead to the real issues that should be under consideration, it has never been a matter of who was the model as this is of little consequence, but the chisel/tool/laser/sonar or device that was used, along with the being who created this sculpture, this is what is of crucial importance.
In seeking any solution to these apparent anomalies, whether consulting approved books, lecturers, syllabus or expert they will be found wanting. There is nothing in their sanctioned narratives that can accommodate subject matter or technology of this elevated level. We have said this so often we literally cringe because nothing ever changes, ask the Elders and Custodians of the Old Ways. Go to them in reverence and respect, and don’t ever assume such knowledge is lost, all that is needed is to ask the right questions. We have no doubt there are such people in PNG who will know of this carving, it is all a matter of timing and during times like these we have no doubt more will be revealed very soon.

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Check your smeters for water.

1)   Above is a photo of a smeter in Nanaimo with water in it. I was told it now has more. Any meter with water in it, no matter how little, should be reported to Hydro ASAP. This is a dangerous situation. There could be a fire at any time. Please take photos, record any conversation with Hydro if possible, and video the exchange. We need evidence.

2)   Resistance is growing in every US state, most Canadian provinces and many countries.

3)   Non-smeter, re. US Navy. Many people in Victoria complain of the rumblings that seem to be associated with the “growlers” of the US Navy. The Mayor of Port Townsend speaks to this noise but unfortunately doesn’t speak to the increase in the noise that will result from the planned wargames.

But Port Townsend is very concerned about the wargames, as per this article http://www.peninsuladailynews.com/article/20150106/NEWS/301069981#.VLCrHkHFTdk.email   and the letter by Mayor King

Has anyone seen anything about this from any level of Canadian or BC government?

4)   Recent study confirms earlier one which found that the newest cell technology (LTE) could be more dangerous than earlier versions.

From Dr. Joel Moskowitz, Director
Center for Family and Community Health
School of Public Health
University of California, Berkeley

My comments: Although this is a small study, it is of interest because it examines the short-term effects of exposure to LTE cell phone radiation. I am aware of only one other study of LTE* which found that a 30 minute exposure to LTE cell phone radiation from a device held 1 cm from the head altered brain activity on both sides of the brain.
LTE is the most commonly used 4G cellular technology. Currently, LTE is primarily used for data transmission; however, some cell phone carriers will soon use LTE for voice transmission. Then people who keep their cell phones near their head during phone calls may be exposing their brains to a level of LTE radiation comparable to the level employed in these two studies. Unfortunately, neither study has reported the RF output power or the SAR for the experimental device in use.

5)   Close to 3 hours of presentation by Dr. Olle Johansson last Oct. re. cell phone transmitters. I have not had time to view these.
Part 1        http://youtu.be/nD53o3NKzWk
Part 2       
Part 3       

6)   Dr George Carlo: The Wireless Industry is Committing Scientific Fraud

7)   A member who lives in West Vancouver had his power shut off for about 5 hours on Saturday so that Hydro could put in a new transformer, replacing one that was there for a number of years. There seemed to be some urgency given that a crew was working on Saturday and the people who lost power were given no notice. We don’t know if the smeter fires and failures might be related to problems with transformers but we will try to find out. Has anyone else had transformers exchanged in their areas? Please let me know if you have with an email to director@stopsmartmetersbc.com with Transformer on the subject line.

From a member about incomprehensible bills. This person has been unable to get help from Hydro, and like many people is wondering who is out there to help with problems like this.

 We have received a bill that is obviously a clone and an estimate of the same time and date of last year which is October 29th to Dec 24th.
Last year's bill came in at $170.69 and this year's $365.91. The current bill says due to a delay in preparing your bill you will notice that it covers a longer than normal billing period which it doesn't. The amount owing may be more than your normal billing amount. Two pages later it says This is an adjusted bill and replaces any bills you may have received after Oct. 30th 2013. The now adjusted bill comes in at $1044.15 and precludes all payments amounting to $678.27 from October 20th 2013 to October 20th 2014. The billing of $365.91 is the difference in the adjustment of which we can make neither head nor tail of but has all of the exact same Electric Charges , Basic Charge ,Usage Charge etc..Payment expected January 8th. Then a new bill arrived yesterday demanding further payment from October 21st to Dec 18th on the same meter for an additional $272.14 payable January 14th. I have spent an hour with a former meter reader from B.C. Hydro / Accenture today to ascertain what parts of these billings make actual sense. She was outraged at the audacity of Accenture and how clearly the general public has continued to be ripped off. There simply were aspects of these bills that she couldn't understand.

We assume these billings are not done at source i.e B.C Hydro here in B.C. as there have now been so many discrepancies and a difference even in the language of the bills. The end result is that the two steps that our power purchase is predicated upon has now been reduced to one step at a predictably higher cost within the last few months.

It would seem that the only way to get rid of the B.C. Liberals Bermuda based hoodlums, at least in this instance, is to start our own Hydro / Solar Corporation or get rid of our current government but to what end?As long as there is no accountability and real understanding of this mess by any of our politicians it doesn't look like Accenture will be thrown to the wolves anytime soon.