Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Join us THIS Thursday Evening: Ascension, Manifestation & Healing Circle 
with Sacred Energy Healing and DNA Activations 

Via Tele-Class & Webinar
Next Live Event: Thursday, May 25th, 2017
4pm PT/5pm MT/6pm CT/7pm ET/11pm GMT

Join us THIS Thursday, May 25th and get the latest updates on Ascension, The Shift and What's Ahead in 5th Dimension and Beyond.
These Ascension, manifestation and transformational energy healing circles are designed in three parts:
  • First, we discuss and review the latest updates regarding The Ascension Timeline and The Indigo Races, including Lightservers, Wayshowers, Starseeds, Change Agents, Wanderers and all other Servers of The Light.
  • Second, we review your questions and requests for coaching, healing and intuitive support in a safe and enjoyable, 'no holds barred', 'everything on the table' environment.
  • Third, we have a full hour of powerful and potent meditation and transformational healing energy, based on your requests.  We heal and resolve the issues associated with our bodies, our lives, our relationships, our anscestry, our lineage and indeed, the world.  We complete the call with the DNA Activations to up-level your dormant potential.
We always incorporate the process of Manifestation to actualize the lives of our dreams.
We also utilize the process of Manifestation to co-create the new 5D (Fifth Dimensional) reality for all beings to be liberated and to live in peace, happiness, health, well being, prosperity, abundance and love, ie, heaven on earth, for the entire collective by aligning with the Law of Love, ie, The Law of One.
No topic area, request, concern or issue is too 'far out' there or off limits for us in these Ascension, Manifestation & Healing Circles for Lightworkers, Way showers, Starseeds, Indigos, Guardians, Change Agents, Wanderers, Time Travelers, Healers, Intuitives,  Empaths, Animal Communicators, Astrologers, Numerologists & Bringers of the New Earth.
Every circle is entirely new and unique.

Healing is based on YOUR requests and also as Divine Source Guides.
You do not have to be present on the live call to receive the benefits. All live events are recorded and are available for repeat listening.
Please join us!
Another Cosmic Gateway Underway 
We are in the middle of yet another cosmic gateway period which.  The acceleration of energies will continue to amplify and intensify through the New Moon on Thursday May 25; the effects will be felt way beyond this week.

Ultimately, these cosmic gateway periods will yield the up-leveling and expanding of mass consciousness and the awakening all of humanity...indeed, the second wave of those awakening is well underway now. 
Critical gateway passages like this one are intensely important for: 
  • activating more of the lightbody
  • up-leveling the emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic aspects of the human genome
  • awakening the dormant DNA
  • igniting dormant Ascension codes (which are typically first activated in Starseeds so we can in turn activate them in the masses)
  • unification with the High Self~Inner Self~God Self
  • initiating next level of consciousness in the collective Divine Blueprint
When these cosmic trigger gateway passages take place, the energies do make those who are not aligned with them go a bit berzerk, as we are witnessing on the world stage.  However, the good news is that these cosmic trigger gateway passages also drop off, ie, release, lower timelines of undesirable events, situations and circumstances.

This is why true Lightworkers and Starseeds absolutely KNOW there will not be another world catastrophe, such as a world war.  It simply will NOT be supported in the higher vibrational frequencies.  The higher vibrational frequencies ONLY SERVE to dismantle those things which are NOT aligned with LOVE and UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS.
The 5D purer frequencies which have been continually amplifying and up-leveling humanity are commanding and demanding US to level up.  These frequencies are also commanding the complete and total removal of ALL that inhibits and/or interferes with and/or is harmful to humanity's Ascension. (I suggest you do that too!)

This is also why more and more people are becoming more and more spiritually aware on planet earth and also why more and more people are now more focused on service to others and to the greater good.

The higher trajectory of the Ascension Timeline, which is THE PREDOMINANT timeline and is also a UNIFIED timeline is vibrating through all of humanity, all of our galaxy and all of the cosmos and it is rippling out through all dimensions of time and space.

This is not woo-woo and it is not be taken for granted.  These cosmic gateways are SO IMPORTANT...They WILL HELP YOU (and your animals too) to LEVEL UP to these higher frequencies and also to become more and more impervious to and free from the lower, denser realities and the undesirable 3rd Dimensional experiences.
To honor the incoming, up-leveling energies, activate our Lightbodies, up-level our emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic aspects, awaken our dormant DNA, ignite the dormant Ascension codes within us, further unify with our High Self~God Self and initiate the next level of our consciousness, as well as purify our morpho-genetic fields, the next live Ascension, Manifestation and Healing Circle is this Thursday, May 25th.

It breaks my heart to witness so many Spiritually Awakening beings who are really searching for more solutions and need more support but  don't actually take action and join us...and they stay stuck.  At the same time, I can't tell you how many Spiritually Awakening beings have written to me singing the glory of how these circles have helped them to level up and have improved their lives in the most monumentally, profound ways.  Please join us. 

Next Ascension, Manifestation & Healing Circle call on Thursday, May 25th:

Sacred Dolphin Journey Retreat ~ Swim with The Magical WILD Dolphins of Bimini, The Bahamas
August 27th - September 2nd, 2017
This retreat provides an opportunity to come together with other like-minded spiritual aspirants from around the world, learn from each other's experiences, and support each other's leaps in consciousness while swimming, playing and frolicking with the wild dolphins of Bimini, The Bahamas.
Join us for 7 days of blissful enjoyment, Lightworker love, dolphin fun, sacred energy healing, transformation, and breakthroughs all in a beauty-FULL environment which could easily be called paradise:

Lori Spagna radically transformed her life after a series of near death experiences while living in Maui.  She is a best selling author of the Best Selling book, 'How Psychic Are You? 7 Simple Steps to Unlocking Your Psychic Potential' as well as 'Animals in the Afterlife' and 'Learn Animal Communication', as well as the author of the upcoming book, 'Two Years in Maui'.  Lori has over 20 years of experience serving humans and animals around the world and is an internationally recognized speaker, author and teacher who provides seminars and workshops for spiritually minded animal lovers about how we can improve our lives by learning from animals.  As a Visionary, Lightworker, Intuitive and Healer, Lori also leads powerful manifestation and healing circles where she assists people and their pets to improve their lives by tapping into their true power via The Universal Source which exists within and connects us all.  Lori also provides Sacred Energy Activations and Dormant DNA Upgrades for people and animals. For more information, please visit: