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From PYRAMID ONE RADIO NETWORK "It Is Time" so Keep The Faith ! Truth of Law and Faith Posted by Erin Fall Haskell


"It Is Time" so Keep The Faith !

Truth of Law and Faith

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Dear Diary,
‘Truth of Law and Faith’
When we live from truth, we give up all beliefs and live on faith.  The Law of the Universe responds by correlating to our beliefs and actions.  When we believe we are our circumstances, we live from scarcity….. it is a lie!   When we live from Divine Principle, we live from Faith.  When faith becomes our very essence, we have confidence and trust……We trust Source, we trust ourselves, we trust the Universe…… We have a ‘knowing’ that our lives are unfolding perfectly.  We know that even challenges are just lessons or test of our commitments.   Faith is a belief that is not based on proof through the external world.
 The Universe has to agree with you 100% of the time.  You are always 100% correct!
How you believe it is…… How you think it is…. How you say it is….. How you act like it is….. IT IS!!!! 
Thomas Troward was a true believer in faith.  He spoke of faith and as us being ‘The Divine Ideal.’  His work was profound, in that, it taught us lessons of ‘how’ to live from Divine Principle and not from circumstances.  He affirms that the cause IS Spirit and that this entire world is the effect.  We are that Spirit…We are the cause!  In his book ‘The Edinburgh and Dore Lectures on Mental Science’ he talks about  manifestation and demonstration.  He says everything in our lives is a demonstration of our creation within our own minds.  There is One mind, One Source, One Spirit… We are that!  He goes on to say that all growth proceeds from Divine Principle.  The law of growth is constantly expanding.  Our ultimate purpose is to enjoy life!  We take this law of potentiality and direct it consciously….this is how we live out our purpose, which is to enjoy life!
We block Divine Potentiality with everyday logic.  Mans argument is that what has not been in the past, can’t be in the future.  This argument has no weight….It is a lie!  We are not our circumstances.  We are not limited.  We are not anything less than infinite potential.
“Principle is not bound by Precedent”  – T.T. 
So the question remains: Why are we not demonstrating?  Troward says that it is because we have introduced something antagonistic to Divine Principle.  The error is that we believe that Divine Principle can be effected by the material world and that we believe we are limited by our surrounded conditions of life.  The moment we question Divine Principle, is the moment the universe has to agree with us, by corresponding perfectly and proving our belief that it doesn’t work.
One of the confusions of faith or Divine Principle is that we feel we are the effect.  We could even state that we are the effect of what we created, but that is a lie as well.  The truth is that we are NEVER the effect.   It is just an illusion that we are an effect!  We may experience the falsity that we are the effect, but we are never the effect.  When we live in alignment with Divine Principle, we don’t believe our conditions as fact, we view them only an opportunity to ‘KEEP THE FAITH’.  We see the material world as the effect.  When we keep the faith, we no longer get caught up in how long it takes to manifest and demonstrate.  We realize we are embryos in our creative abilities and directing The Law.  When we are experiencing circumstances that have us question our faith, instead of thinking or analyzing we should pray.  Prayers main purpose is to alter our perception and to know the truth, to see opportunity where there is suffering, to have compassion where there is hate….. to know we are the creator…….. To live in accordance with Divine Will……. To be set free!
“Prayer is
Knowing the truth
Lack, is known as prosperity
Hate, is know as love
Disease, is to know perfect health
Death, is to know the infinite”
-James Mellon
Having a Daily Spiritual Practice allows us to live Divine Principle.  It confirms our faith and commitment to living our purpose of enjoying life!  Gradually, as we get in alignment with truth we begin to have confidence in Faith.  We will begin to argue from the positive side of things rather than from the negative side of things. What we focus on will begin to expand.  Are you committed to lack, hate, scarcity….. or are you committed to abundance, prosperity, harmony, peace and love.
Three fold Principle:
1.  General life principle (Knowing that there is One Source, One Force, Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Potential, Everything is connected, Everything is God)
2.  Localization of this principle in the individual (We are that Source, We are that Force, We are Infinite Intelligence, We are connected to Everything, we are God)
3.  Law of growth (It is always expanding, harmonizing, creating, our purpose is to enjoy life!)
What we think about, most of the time, is what directs our lives.  What does your mind focus on most of the time?  Do you focus on problems?  Do you focus on what you want to create?  Do you feel abundant or scarcity?  Do you talk about what is wrong with people or what is right with people?  Do you affirm that anything and everything is possible or do you argue why things won’t happen?

When we align ourselves with truth….. Life expands in ways we never could have imagined it to go.  We step into the unknown….. We leap into the miracle of Faith.  So, I say………….keep the faith and know the truth!
“Keep the faith and know the truth” -E.F.H.
Love, e

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Call in for a FREE reading at 1-843-300-1399

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        I am a Psychic Medium and can sit with you and see if I can communicate with those who have passed.
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                                What to Expect During a Psychic Reading"

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             Messages or spirit that come through may not be what or whom you expected I receive what is meant to be received. 
                 Please do not come to me and seek  to receive a  certain 'sign' or specific answer to a question during our reading that happens only in the movies.  

             I ask you prepare your questions before coming.  
            This causes you to focus on what areas you truly are seeking guidance on and helps you to be open to receiving the messages you will receive, it also helps me to concentrate on the issues at hand.
            I can usually answer 3-4 questions during a one hour session of course this depends on the situations but in general 3-4.

             I cannot do a "Psychic Reading for guidance and also include a Medium reading please book the two separately.
            Many people want to bring  friend and have brought their friends in the past,however, I cannot accommodate this any longer.
            If they are not part of the session, please make arrangements for them to wait somewhere else while I read for you. 

            I do not have a waiting room.  :)

         For phone readings the same hours and guidelines  apply. 12:30 - 6:pm M-Friday if you need an weekend appointment please let me know and I can try to accommodate you. 
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           I can tell you what kind of Psychic I am but my Client's Reviews speak more about me than anyone else including myself could....Below are a few taken from >>><<<<< these reviews were left independently at the website~

                                    "I had a reading with Christine today. 
                           I could not believe how accurate she  was.
                           Also I found her to be a very caring person. 
                           I would definitely recommend her.
                           I intend to contact her in the future."
                                                                       May 22, 2014 by Mary Soccorsi

"I had my first reading with Christine today. I sent a few photos of people who I was going to inquire about. 
I did not send one of myself. The reading began with Christine's providing me with insanely accurate information. About my youngest sons past, present & future possibilities..
I quietly ,listened as she moved forward.I have readings.with famous psychics."
Christine is absolutely the same caliber as them.Except Christine is generous with her gift, & genuine. What a find!!" 
November 19th 2013    Cathy Brown

"I have had several sessions with Christine.I can't begin to tell you how great she is. I have had reading from a few people and No one has come close to her accuracy! . Christine has brought me great comfort at a very bad time in my life.She was very specific with details that she could have never know..I will not use anyone other than Chris.She is the real deal to say the least.As well as being very gifted she is so very personable and caring.."
posted on Apr 6, 2013 by marguerite pohlig

"This is my first reading that I have had since my son passed away in July, Christine is excellent she confirmed so much about my son and put my heart and soul at peace with what he shared through her.Very emotional reading for myself and my daughter.Questions that we needed the answers to and she provided those answers for us.I have been to a few mediums in the past and have had some great readings but this by far was one of the best that I have had.The first thing she said was his name...."
posted on Mar 27, 2013 by solange Geuss