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America is not the greatest country in the world anymore

America is not the greatest country in the world anymore -



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Seasons Greetings

Wishing you health and happiness this Holiday Season.

Blessings and Love to You and Yours

Judy Satori

The Christmas Message this year includes a blessing from the Angels and a gift of Insight.  This energy will give you greater clarity of purpose and lead to effortless, positive changes as you move into 2015. 
Listen as many times as you feel guided to listen.
I personally plan to listen daily for the 12 days of Christmas, until January 6, to usher in momentum as
I begin the year ahead.
with love, Judy x
A Message from Kara Rhodes
"Greetings from my heart to yours,
With the holiday Spirit alive and well, I would like to gift you all with the opportunity to watch our documentary film, BridgeWalkers, in which Tribal Elders from around the world gather to share ancient wisdom, ceremonies and prophecies. 

This "give away"  takes place from Dec 25th thru Jan 6th.  We wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season and beyond!!  

In Oneness,  Kara Rhodes, Director/Co-producer, OneRiver Productions.

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About BridgeWalkers

As our relationship to Earth travels down a dangerous path, it has become clear that we cannot sustain the stress of our modern ways. On a quest to restore balance, Tribal Leaders from around the world gather in Greenland to witness the awakening of Ancient Indigenous Prophecies.   From Greenland thru Canada and the Americas, Spiritual Leaders from the four corners of the Earth share the wisdom, prophecies and ceremonies of their ancestors. In an unprecedented gathering,they remember the wounds of the past and embrace the spirit that has endured. Together they reveal a message that can give hope to the next seven generations. Walk with them and discover ancient knowledge long forgotten. Listen to the wisdom of their ancestors. Feel their connection to Mother Earth. Stand with these extraordinary "BridgeWalkers" around the Sacred Fire as they bridge the mind to the heart, the heart to the land, and the land to the one human family!
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2015 Predictions - Chinese Year of The Ram

More predictions to be added  before January 1, 2015.
Mother Earth is experiencing massive change. Some psychics believe she is angry at us for our disrespect and abuse, but the truth is she has been going through upheavals since her birth. It's planetary evolution.  As she changes so will humanity. In 2015, we will experience continued extreme weather--hot and cold, floods, hurricane force winds, and wild fires. The entire planet will experience unprecedented changes and extremes. The world will seem to be out of balance and she is. Winter 2015 will be the coldest and wettest ever recorded with huge snow fall throughout Europe and the U.S. Earthquakes will increase and places not known for earthquakes will experience them.  The stretch zone is so obviously under increasing tugging and evidence of a wobbling planet and pole shift.  Evidence of a polar shift can be found in Earth's geological history. Volcanic activity will increase worldwide and sink holes forming from deep core earth movement. People will hear unexplained roars, booms and other odd noises from rocks and faults moving inside the planet. Earthquake lights will also be reported as everything intensifies.

I'm sensing a powerful earthquakes or earthquakes (6.0 to 7.5) will hit the U.S. between Nov. 2014 and January 2015. Possible areas to watch Southeastern Oregon near Lakeview, Northern California and Oklahoma/Kansas and the New Madrid fault in the mid-section of the U.S.

UFO and large fireballs increase--brilliant meteor will light the skies. Star Beings are helping us and recently stopped huge CMEs from blasting earth from humongous sunspot late Oct. 2014. Scientist were mystified that not one CME erupted after 6 X-CLASS flares. During this time NASA's SOHO orbiter captured what looked like a huge craft near the sun. Coincidence? Not at all. I was also told that the meteor that exploded over Russia on Feb. 15, 2013 should have made a direct impact with Earth, but was diverted by intelligent beings. We will continue to see more meteor coming into Earth's atmosphere in 2015 and comets getting close.

Meteors coming into our atmosphere and comets coming close to Earth will be in the news for 2015.  Could be another huge meteor coming into our atmosphere like Russian event in Feb. 2013. Read this article of huge event on Nov. 14, 2014.

The Sun will become extremely active with more X-Class flares, but oddly no CMEs directed at Earth. Our Space friends have been protecting Earth knowing this could bring us closer to a pole shift.  Scientists are still puzzled that the 6 X-Class flares in late October 2014 didn't produce any Earth directed CMEs. I'm sensing communications blackouts in December 2014.

Congressional Republicans have split into competing factions over how to respond to President Obama’s expected moves to overhaul the nation’s immigration system, which will likely include protecting millions from being deported. Obama says he will initiate Executive Order if need be to allow 5 million illegal aliens to become U.S. citizens, but Congress wants to stop him, and if he does, Congress threatens to shut down the government.  Could the mysterious time traveler John Titor who appeared in a 2000 blog be right about Civil war in this country due to Congress? It seems we are moving in that direction. Website of John Titor:  

President Obama will evoke more Executive decisions in 2015 without Congressional approval.  I see much anger and talk of impeachment.  

Again, I foresee top secret information will come to light that Lee Harvey Oswald was indeed "a patsy" as he claimed. He did not kill President John F. Kennedy.

It will also be revealed that Marilyn Monroe was murdered. In her diary she indicates how happy she was and about her renewed relationship with ex-husband Joe DiMaggio.  Marilyn knew too much and was silenced!

When the planners of 9/11 finally pass on a new investigation will be conducted and reveal shocking information.

In the near future wars will be fought over fresh water. Countries worldwide, including the United States are depleting aquifers at an alarming rate which is causing earthquakes and the ground to drop. In California farmers continue to dig for ground water and in some places the ground has dropped 6' feet. My friend Spiritual Leader of the Western Shoshone Nation Corbin Harney said he had a vision long ago where water would disappear and the rest would not be drinkable.  Watch this CBS report.

Russia will continue with its march to occupy Ukraine and tensions will mount between U.S. and Russia. I'm sensing a conflagration between Russia and the US, that could involve China.

Extremists continue to defile the feminine in their march for world domination under their tyrannical rule. But as the Indigenous Grandmothers say--they've been shown that a new consciousness is preparing humanity for the spirit of the feminine, and the spirit of the Grandmothers, when humanity will walk from the four directions into the light at the center. 

Obama didn't keep his word as more and more troop are sent to the Mideast in 2015. I see horrible atrocities conducted by extremists groups there on the rest of the world.

Sadly, I see children continuing to kill children. They watch murder and chaos on TV and in the movies and feel no remorse for their actions. Will we evolve into the Gray ETs and become emotionless beings in the distant future? We can change a probable future if we teach our children spiritual values and the importance of honoring all creation.  

Prices will rise in 2015, and an increase in gas prices again. Gold will continue to fall, but silver will rise in value.  Scarcity of certain products grown in South America.

Much blood spilled worldwide. I see more demonstrations in world cities turning violent due to the discontentment of governments. Mideast, China, US, and Russia will see riots. Ferguson, Missouri becomes the new Watts riots of the 60s.

There will be a continued awakening in spiritual values as people realize what is truly important in their lives when their homes are destroyed by hurricanes, floods, fires and earthquakes. The heroes of the world step forward to help others.

Ebola will continue to spread in South Africa. I don't see it becoming a worldwide pandamic, but there will be a deadly flu outbreak affecting the young and elderly in the first few months of 2015.

Flight 370 may have been vaporized by new weapon. Nothing will ever be found of the missing plane.

There will be continued crashes and mishaps with rockets and experimental aircraft.

The Freedom Tower in New York City will be in the news for 2015--fire involved.

Falling bridges, gas explosions and railroad disasters.

Celebrity divorces will be in the new for 2015. Couples who have put on a happy front will find themselves in the divorce courts, especially two famous country singer couples.

Celebrity deaths - I see a several stars from the 50, 60, 70s passing this year, but I also see some very young celebrities and a young male singer leaving us.

Pope Francis or Pope 13 will release last 1917 prophecy given to the children of Fatima, Portugal stunning the faithful. Look for the announcement on the 13th day of the month in 2015.  Who is Pope Francis really--occult Jesuit or lamb of the faithful? Warning to all--beware of the wolf in sheep's clothing! Remember the tapestry the Vatican commissioned called "Abbraccio Cosmico" shown above, meaning "hug or embrace the cosmos?" Incredibly this tapestry shows what appears to be a man embracing a bulbous-headed extraterrestrial or two ETs hugging. Note the astrological signs, the position of the planets and the Angels winding something. There are 4 astrological signs indicated--Capricorn, Libra, Cancer and Aries as well as a spiral in the sky (remember the huge blue spiral appeared over Norway on Nov. 9, 2009).  Pope Francis, elected on March 13, 2013 at age 76,  is connected to the Illuminati number 13, and these planets sit in 13 degrees of 4 cardinal signs (Pluto 13 degrees Capricorn, Jupiter 13 degrees Cancer, Mars 13 degrees Libra and Uranus 13 degrees Aries). Thirteen planets are show as well. You'll find more information on the Pope and the mysterious Jesuits, in my book, Mystic Revelations of Thirteen.

Predictions 2014 by Betsey
Humans have the gift of free will. Predictions and prophecies made through the centuries by psychics, seers and the prophets aren't always accurate. Time lines can be changed and altered through visualization, prayers and by  mass consciousness. Time is fluid and prime events can change other events if we use our free will and manifest and New World through pure thought energy. What I predict is what I sense or have been shown in dreams or impressions at the moment.  All is not doom and gloom if we change our vibrational frequency and believe in ourselves that we have the power to create new world.
  Destiny doesn't control us...we control destiny! 
2014 is a 7 year in numerology which represents purification, the divine, revolution, investigation, detection, discovery and the mystical.
Posted Dec. 2013/Jan. 2014

2014 will be a year where people learn to value their lives instead of their material things. Survival, heroes, and forgiveness will be key words for this year.
Red denotes predictions that have proven correct so far this year.
Protests: civil unrest and protests will break out in major cities worldwide in spring, including the U.S., Russia and China this spring and summer. Again in the Mideast and Egypt. Military and police will become aggressive and then violence erupts Blood will be spilled. People especially the youth of the world are tired of unemployment and low wages, and the tyrannical governments. Civil war in the Sudan. Jan. 2014 - Russia is currently experiencing huge protests and violent clashes with police, Egypt is in chaos again, and bloody protests in the Ukraine 2/2014, and the Sudan has erupted in more violence which may lead to civil war. Protests in the Ukraine and Venezuela. April--Rancher takes on Feds over cattle grazing rights in Nevada. Russian troops are invading the Ukraine. August 17-19, 2014 - riots are taking place in Ferguson, MO after a young black man was shot several times for resisting arrest.
UFOs seen over major city: As of August 7, 2014, I'm sensing a formation of UFO that will be seen over a major U.S. city before the end of 2014.  UFO's are being seen everywhere, a huge spike in sightings began August and continue in September. Many of these sightings have been red and orange orbs.
Major Earth Changes: Earthquakes will be felt in places not usually associated with earthquakes as our planet wobbles and is stretched along major faults. The earthquakes, sinkholes, and other anomalies will continue to escalate as we move into 2015. The major powers of the world know our earth could shift at any time, and have been preparing for this event for several years. Extreme weather will continue worldwide--drought, flash floods, huge waves, volcanic activity, hurricanes, tornadoes, fierce winds. No place will be untouched.  
Malaysia Flight 370, a Boeing 777: The disappearance of Flight 370 will go down in history as one the greatest aviation mysteries of our time. Note: Flight 370 vanished on March 7, 2014, and this year is the Power of 7 (2+0+1+4). Last year was the power of 13 for the Illuminati (Pope Francis was elected on March 13, 2013, which also equals 13, and this year the Illuminati will use the Power of 7.  P.S. March 7 just happens to be my birthday. I know it did not crash in the ocean. Is it possible it will reappear in some desert area like the movie Close Encounters of a Third Kind?
Droughts and Water Wars: Many parts of the world and western United States will continue in a dangerous drought. Water will be scarce for many parts of the world and there will be horrible wildfires, bigger than last year. If you live near wooded areas or heavy brush area, please clear the area. Meanwhile some countries including the Eastern and Southern U.S. will experience horrible floods. In the coming years wars will be fought over water, pure water, which is now vanishing at an alarming rate. California is now experiencing one of the worst droughts as water rationing takes place, and huge flooding in England.
Deadly Flu and cold season: already we are seeing a strange flu bug that could mutate into a deadly virus. Jan. 3, 2014 - reports are increasing nationwide of people sickened by the H1N1 influenza and already a large number of deaths have been reported in the U.S. and Canada. July 31, 2014 - South Africa: Ebola is in the news, with 700 dead, and health officials are worried it will become a world pandemic. This might be the deadly virus I predicted.I am also sensing Ebola was set on South Africa by elite planners. We will see millions die from Ebola in 2015, and I pray it stops in Africa, but I don't think it will. Read more. 
UFOs: a mass UFO sighting in the near future over a major U.S. city will have everyone abuzz. I will discuss this on future interviews.Red and orange fireballs/orbs will be seen everywhere this year. ETs are making themselves known and watching events as they unfold on our planet, especially earth changes. Massive red and orange orbs continue in the news. See UFO reports.
Gunmen: I hate to predict this but I see continued shootings in public places. People who are mentally ill--and young men who want to become famous. We'll continue to see these people take innocent lives with military-style guns that can be easily purchased anywhere. I believe that when these people watch  t television shows of violence and death over and over they become desensitized by death.This continues to be in the news in Pennsylvania, a student knifed other school children April 2013, On April 2, 2014 Fort Hood shooter killed 3, and wounder 16.
Baby Boomers: It's going to get harder and harder for seniors to survive on their savings and social security. Also younger people will struggle this year to survive and cover bills as unemployment insurance ends for millions thanks again to Congress. I don't see the unemployment benefits being renewed for these people.    
Worldwide Produce: with the global frigid temperatures this 2013-2014 winter we will see sky-rocking produce prices and meat prices. The summer drought, wildfires and monsoonal rains will destroy more crops.
Cyber Hacking and Identity Theft: after Target was hacked and now 40 million people maybe at risk to have their credit and debit card information stolen,many people will start paying with cash and checks. More and more large companies are going to be hacked. The new threat is the Heartbleed virus was created by the NSA. Read article.
Fish and Sea Creature Deaths continue in 2014: I see more sea creatures dying en masse especially in the Pacific. Starfish have been melting off the West coast this year (radiation from Fukushima?) and sardines vanish from the West coast. Sardines have vanished in the PacificRead article. 
Major Archaeological Discoveries: I see a several discoveries made off the Bimini Coast, Africa near Egypt and in the Yucatan of South America.
Planet X: Increased sightings of another planetary body in our solar system. People will begin to see it near the sun at as the sun is setting. NASA has altered many photographs to prevent us from knowing the truth of Planet X, a brown-dwarf, that entered our solar system several years ago.
Geoengineering: Our weather is now controlled by certain governments worldwide. Hurricanes like Katrina and Sandy were manipulated to create mega storms. Chemtrails in our skies are also alter our weather and in blocking the sun, cancer has increased. We are not getting the Vitamin D from the sun needed for our bodies. This is especially true in children were cancer of every kind are taking children's lives.
The Awakening: as our leaders continue to control and deceive us and the earth changes accelerate, more and more people will awaken and realize our power lies in prayer and thought....not in violence. When two or more gather in prayer and thought manifestation or superconsciousness. This movement could begin to sweep the planet and change time lines. This will frighten the Family of Dark and they will pull resort to more of their tricks for ultimate control over humanity. Remember during these times that Light is the force, the love and the power.
Celebrity Deaths: Watch for the sudden death of a former president and a former president's wife will be in the news as well as the deaths of two top celebrities, and one famous singer, and a suicide. A plane crash could be involved with the singer. Also, a young teen idol is in danger of dying from a car crash or drug overdose. This will be a sad year for beloved celebrities leaving us. On 2/2/14 sadly, Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died from a drug overdose. Shirley Temple Black and Mickey Rooney passed this year. Actor Robin Williams took his own life on August 11, 2014 and comedian Joan Rivers died on September 4, 2014. I'm still sensing that another comedian will die before the end of the year. 
North Korea: The young and very impetuous leader Kim Jong-un is capable of anything and wants to show the world how powerful he really is. We could see a missile fired at South Korea if this loose cannon dictator isn't stopped. Dec. 2013 it was reported he murdered his own uncle. China and other countries are worried about his next move. Read article April 1, 2014 and tensions heat up.
Fukushima, Japan: This is a bad situation that will get worse in the coming months as strong earthquakes shake the area.  Although there is a cover-up by the U.S. and Japan on continued release of radiation, we will continue to see more sea creatures dying from radiation throughout the Pacific Ocean and the U.S. West Coast. Your prayers are needed now. I foresee huge earthquakes in Japan and eventually a portion of Japan will be inundated by water.   
China and Japan: we could see some kind of altercation between China and Japan which could lead to missiles launched.
Salt Lake City Earthquake before 2017: Utah's biggest earthquake fault runs east of Salt Lake City, at the base of the steep Wasatch Mountains. About 75 percent of the state's population lives near the 240-mile-long (385 kilometers) Wasatch Fault, according to the Utah Geological Survey. Its last big earthquake hit in 1600, 247 years before Mormon settlers arrived. If both fault zones ruptured during an earthquake, it would mean more shaking for Salt Lake City, which sits atop soft lake sediments, the kind that experience liquefaction during severe earthquakes. I'm sensing a large earthquake in Salt Lake City in the coming months. 
Bitcoin: I've had people contact me about investing in the Bitcoin. Bad investment. The end of Feb. 2014 Mt. Gox exchanged collapsed. Bitcoins are virtual currency, and like gold and corn, prices vary daily. There's no physical stuff backed by anyone or anything. You might as well buy air! No financial institution is involved, like banks, and payments are made directly, without intermediaries such as Paypal. However, thousands of companies now accept bitcoins. You'd be better off to head for California and search for gold!
Solar Event: for the past year I've seen a major solar eruption and CME Earth directed around the middle of the month or on the 13th. Although the sun has been strangely quiet, I see that after the magnetic poles shift on the sun, will create huge explosions There seems to be a pattern with the sun's eruptions which starts around the 6th of 7th of the month with an M-Class and erupts into an X-Class flare around the 13th of the month. Watch as huge aurora borealis lights will created red skies. We could see a huge CME actually cause a black out in many cities around the world from this event.  These eruptions will also activate earthquakes. Since the sun flipped its magnetic poles at the end of 2013 we are seeing a huge increase in solar eruptions as of Jan. 1, 2014. We could see a huge CME headed for earth soon.
Flip Flop Crazy Weather: If you think the weather was crazy and unpredictable in 2013, wait until 2014. One minute it will be severe cold, snow and the next minute warm winds and melting. Weather flip-flops will be the norm. Violent winds will increase and stronger tornadoes across the Midwest and in areas that usually don't get tornadoes. We could see a large hurricane in August or September that will hit the East coast again. Watch for floods worldwide--torrential rains and mud slides. In other areas there will be drought and wild fires again throughout the West again. We are currently seeing temperatures plunging from Canada to the East Coast. In some parts of Canada the temperature is 45 degrees below zero as of Jan. 2, 2014. We continue to see catastrophic weather in 2014.
The Sky is Falling: more asteroids and meteors seen in Earth's vicinity. Large meteors lighting up the night sky and also daylight meteors seen. How will NASA explain this increase? First near Earth asteroid reported Jan. 2, 2014. Strange booms and shaking have been reported as well as meteor seen worldwide. Argentina experienced strange boom and shaking which might have been a meteor on Feb 18, 2014. A meteorite crashed down in Managua, Nicaragua, late Saturday night, September 6, 2014,causing a loud explosion and leaving a crater 39 feet (12 meters) across, government officials said, according to The Associated Press. No damage or injuries were reported
Continued Unexplained Booms: booms, shaking not related to earthquakes,flashes in the sky and sink holes forming will continue in the 2014 news--more so than 2013. This phenomenon will increase as we go into 2014. Also watch for more train disasters, bridge disasters and sink holes swallowing homes, cars and people in some cases. Four sink holes have appeared in Siberia since mid July 2014. I believe its from methane gas exploding deep within the permafrost of SiberiaRead more here.
Pope: Pope Francis will stun the world with a revelation that will upset the Catholic faithful. I've felt he may not be the leader he portrays to the masses. Beware of deceptive pontiff! In Revelations it talks about the Four Horsemen and the first horse is white--the antichrist. He will deceive the world into following him because he portrays himself as righteous and good. Remember Pope Francis is a Jesuit and tied to the number 13 throughout his life (information contained in my new book, Mystic Revelations of Thirteen: The Key to Earth's Destiny available on Amazon) and should be known as Pope 13. Thirteen is a power number both negative and positive, however the Illuminati use the number in dark occult ways. I truly pray Pope Francis is the humble pontiff the world wants and not another agent of darkness. Remember our leaders aren't the warm, wonderful people they appear to be--we are deceived by their false image. The eyes are the windows of the soul and if you study their eyes you will see only a dark void. Through generations of programming the Family of Dark lost their compassion and emotion.  
Our Rights: we'll see our Constitutional Rights continue to disappear with laws secretly passed. Dark agendas afoot for the masses, but we can thwart their dark plans if we unite en masse for a common good.
Home Loans: Those in the residential mortgage business will find its harder and harder to get homes loans closed with new laws going into effect the first of the year. Mortgage companies will someday go the way of the dinosaur. Banks will control all loans again. (read what President Thomas Jefferson said about banks--he was a visionary).
Italy's Mount Etna will see a huge eruption and Rome will experience a massive earthquake. I see buildings collapsing in Rome from this powerful earthquake..
Egypt will see a religious war (Christian Copts and the Islamists).  I see much bloodshed and explosions in Egypt.
Earthquakes and Volcanic Activity: Large earthquake hits northern Japan near Fukushima. This could worsen an already dire situation with the nuclear plant there. Watch for Mt. Etna in Italy and many volcanoes to suddenly erupt. Watch as Oklahoma continues with small earthquakes, some increasing to 5.0. This is from the continued oil fracking throughout the region. 
Economy: remember Congress still hasn't resolved anything with the staggering U.S. debt. Again, we will see them divided which will lead to a fall in the stock market by the late January 2014 and into early 2015. The Elite have a plan to destroy the dollar and introduce a new currency. This will take place in the next two to three years. We could see the government taking steps like the Greek government--freezing bank accounts. Early in 2013, Congress averted a plunge off the "fiscal cliff", and extended emergency unemployment benefits and mortgage debt forgiveness, but unemployment benefits have now ended for millions. Also, many Federal workers were laid-off and still unemployed. (Note: the bank mortgage officers are exempt from testing and nationwide licensing). The banks want total control of our lives. It's going to be rough times, I'm afraid, for millions of people. The middle class of America will become extinct.  

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Subject: RE: Drex

There is no proof that he lied, and no written BC fire reports stating that any cause of any fire was blamed on smart meters, it’s only speculation, speculation is not fact, it’s speculation, and for me to speculate on air would get me and my radio station in a lot of legal trouble.

My goal is to find actually facts.  Without facts there is no story, that’s why I am encouraging people to find fire reports outside of Canada from places that use ITRON smart meters, and get me actual fire reports that can confirm that the fire was started by the smart meter.

I understand what you're saying about speculation... and NO I wouldn't like to see you or anyone else get in any trouble... that would NOT be good!
Much of the information on these links was obtained online and through the Freedom Of Information Act.
Regardless of why... the truth is people's home's and businesse's meter sockets have been and ARE where many of the fires and failures links I previously
sent to originate.
Usually these problems are caused by the improper installation by underqualified Corix installers who were ginven a very small amount of training then sent out to do the job of a qualified and certified electrician.
Corix employees only have minimul training to do the job that ONLY a certified electrician should be doing!
So, ok, do any of these work or help, Drex?
The smart meter fires and failures are just 1 of the MANY issues associated with these devices...
All over our province people are getting sick from smart meters... but Health Canada refuses to recognize the radiation sickness SO many people
are suffering from since having a smart meter installed.
How BC Hydro's Itron smart meters violate our right to privacy...
... and we're just getting started!