Sunday, December 18, 2016

Hillary And Bill Clinton Don't Want You To See This Movie! BUT BOB CHARLES SAID BE CAREFUL

All during the Campaign Bob Charles on Pyramid One Network warned Americans to be very very careful when thinking of voting for Hilary Clinton.. Research by Pyramid One Network brought the Network to the " DO NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY " Point in the Process.

We know have the Clinton's out of the way, But do we really ?? Their Money Power Friends and themselves and Countries that are not working in America's Favor or the People who live in America...

Watch this Movie ! I have spoken and played clips and said DO NO VOTE FOR HILLARY now it is time to learn the Truths that should have been reported by the Media but even they are being fed "STAY QUIET" Moneys to End the Freedom of Americans and People around the World..

Bless, Peace, LOV
Bob Charles - Pyramid One Network / Pyramid One Radio