Tuesday, January 19, 2016

PEOPLE IN SOUTH CAROLINA HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE BETTER WAGES ( or do they ?) WRITE US BACK TO pyramidonenetwork@live.com ATTN: Bob Charles

( or do they ?)
 The Charleston City Paper
01/19/2016 8:25 AM

Good Morning Dustin,
We have talked about the Issue about Salaries in Charleston, S.C. and Across the State that are Deplorable !
You should have just come out and said the Truth about the situation, people in S.C. are being taken by Business as Allowed by our State Government.
Last week I talked in New York and the Minimum I kept hearing was $12 to $15 and more, the Funny thing was as the Living expense is a Little More
the Food Expense is 40% less then here ( Check the Shop-Rite Weekly Circular )  Up North they also have Senior Discounts on everything from Electric & Gas
to Food, and even Regular Retail Stores with Presentation of your Drivers License.  South Carolina has only One Day in Markets and it is a day that Most Seniors
can't get to the Stores to Purchase Food.
The $8.00 almost all are offered cannot support living here in this State but when you notice Social Services Handouts going up you'll get the bigger Picture.
Millions are being Spent Foolishly on things that have nothing to do with Feeding, Clothing, or Housing our Neighbors here in Charleston, NOTHING !
Some of that will be spent on a Black Museum in Charleston for International African American Museum would be a $75 million,
some 43,500-square-foot showcase of black culture -  Yes that is correct, $75 MILLION DOLLARS of Tax Payer Monies, Plus Funding, Plus Grants, For What !
Being a Northern Person who moved here years ago from the N.J./N.Y. area for the Warmth is in Shock to see how this State is Run and Absolutely NO ONE
comes to the Front of the Line to DO A DAM THING ABOUT ANYTHING.  Between myself and my World Audience it has been brought to my attention
this is an Amusement Park where because it is a Tourist Trap it Cares nothing for it's Inhabitants but only for the Almighty Dollar which only the Rich Will See.
Oh and I also get a lot of E-mails that the State don't put Yearly or Hourly law in advertising for JOBS, Instead most ( And there are some who do Post at $8 ) most
say Commissions and have an Employment Statistic of 71% Turn-Around of people who leave Jobs after finding out the Boss gets Paid and you make a very Slight
Percentage of each sale you make, Even Insurance and Realtors and working for UBER, WHY ?
I am always Available for Comment but I agree with the People in your Piece, UNIONS ARE NEEDED and SALARY CHANGES SHOULD BE PUT IN PLACE BEFORE MAY 2016.
Not to Mention an Education System that works for Children and Adults in Multiple JOB AREAS to make S.C. a State that the World will look at and say WOW someone
got up this Morning and Smelled the Coffee, Congrats.
This letter will be posted in bobcharlessays/blogspot.com
Bless / Peace
Robert  Charles 
Pyramid One Network - Owner - Worldwide Talk Radio/Charleston, S.C. 
Atlantic Repair LLC - Owner - CEO