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  Betsey Lewis is a renowned psychic medium, the host of Rainbow Vision Network since 2009,
earth mysteries investigator and contactee experiencer. Since childhood, the paranormal has been the normal
for her with two major UFO experiences and contact with the Other Side. Betsey has researched UFO sightings, cattle mutilations, angels, aliens, and other earth mysteries for the past forty years. She practices Reiki, Kriya Yoga, astrology, tarot and numerology, and regressive hypnosis. Her mentors include Oglala Sioux ceremonial leader Ed McGaa “Eagle Man” and the late spiritual leader of the Western Shoshone Nation Corbin Harney. 

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Advanced praise for Earth Energy: Earth Energy provides profound and insightful knowledge for returning to proven ancient and indigenous wisdom practiced successfully through the ages: thus written by my friend Betsey Lewis. She provides invaluable information for those who love Mother Earth and want her healed again. With admitted climate change/planetary heating, we can't ignore Black Elk's warning vision. We must practice mindfulness, balance and respect for Mother Earth, if we are to save our planet, ourselves and all life--it's that critical! — Ed McGaa "Eagle Man" Sioux/Lakota author of Mother Earth Spirituality, Spirituality for America and other books. "Everything of importance I learned first from Mother Earth. Humanity has forgotten the sacredness of our unique planet and it is this wisdom we must return to as the Ancient Ones and indigenous people practiced for thousands of years," says author and intuitive Betsey Lewis. "The planet's survival and our survival depends on our return to a reverent way of life in this time of great earth upheaval. When we live from the heart, nothing is impossible." In Earth Energy, discover how the ancient peoples and indigenous tribes of the world practiced Earth wisdom for thousands of years in their daily lives. They understood that everything on Mother Earth is alive and has consciousness. The indigenous people tell us that if we don't return to ancient wisdom our faith is sealed in destruction. Learn why indigenous people have always sought mountains and water for spiritual enlightenment. In this book, discover the mythology of Earth's spirit elements—Water, Earth, Fire, and Air, and the relationship ancient peoples had with Earth’s elements for thousands of years. Also included in this book—suggested ways to heal the environment and prayers for living and honoring the elements the indigenous way. Learn ancient ways of connecting to Mother Nature and all Earth spirit deities.
Indigenous people warn us that Earth will soon be cleansed of the accumulated negativity caused by humanity's technology and greed if there isn't a greater orientation toward spiritual living. They tell us the planet is out of balance like Earth's inhabitants--we are out of ayni. If we are to survive, they say, we must return to ayni and ancient reverence again by honoring the old ways of life. What path will we chose--destruction or balance? The choice is ours, they say!
Betsey Lewis is an international psychic-medium, the host of Rainbow Vision Network since 2009, Earth mysteries investigator and Earthkeeper. Beginning at age three, the paranormal became normal for her with two UFO encounters and spirits contact from the Other Side. Betsey has researched and investigated UFOs sightings, cattle mutilations, angels, aliens, and other Earth mysteries for the past forty years. She practices Reiki, Kriya Yoga, astrology, tarot and numerology, and regressive hypnosis. Her mentors on the indigenous Earth Wisdom include
Earth Energy
Return to Ancient Wisdom
By Betsey Lewis

Available on all internet stores on January 24, 2015
ISBN 978-14910775 • 280 pages • 6 x 9 paperback $16.99 • eBook $8.49
Media contact:
Eileen Duhné / 415.459.2573

Betsey has appeared on Idaho’s KTVB noon show, KIVI morning show, The Dr. Michael Show, Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory, Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, and other popular talk radio shows. She was also a featured keynote speaker at the 2012 Alamo UFO Conference near Las Vegas. 

Published books include: Communicating with The Other Side—True Experiences of a Psychic-Medium, Mystic Revelations of Thirteen: The Key to Earth's Destiny, and Angels, Aliens and Prophecy II: The Angel-Aliens Agenda.

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