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Check your smeters for water.

1)   Above is a photo of a smeter in Nanaimo with water in it. I was told it now has more. Any meter with water in it, no matter how little, should be reported to Hydro ASAP. This is a dangerous situation. There could be a fire at any time. Please take photos, record any conversation with Hydro if possible, and video the exchange. We need evidence.

2)   Resistance is growing in every US state, most Canadian provinces and many countries.

3)   Non-smeter, re. US Navy. Many people in Victoria complain of the rumblings that seem to be associated with the “growlers” of the US Navy. The Mayor of Port Townsend speaks to this noise but unfortunately doesn’t speak to the increase in the noise that will result from the planned wargames.

But Port Townsend is very concerned about the wargames, as per this article   and the letter by Mayor King

Has anyone seen anything about this from any level of Canadian or BC government?

4)   Recent study confirms earlier one which found that the newest cell technology (LTE) could be more dangerous than earlier versions.

From Dr. Joel Moskowitz, Director
Center for Family and Community Health
School of Public Health
University of California, Berkeley

My comments: Although this is a small study, it is of interest because it examines the short-term effects of exposure to LTE cell phone radiation. I am aware of only one other study of LTE* which found that a 30 minute exposure to LTE cell phone radiation from a device held 1 cm from the head altered brain activity on both sides of the brain.
LTE is the most commonly used 4G cellular technology. Currently, LTE is primarily used for data transmission; however, some cell phone carriers will soon use LTE for voice transmission. Then people who keep their cell phones near their head during phone calls may be exposing their brains to a level of LTE radiation comparable to the level employed in these two studies. Unfortunately, neither study has reported the RF output power or the SAR for the experimental device in use.

5)   Close to 3 hours of presentation by Dr. Olle Johansson last Oct. re. cell phone transmitters. I have not had time to view these.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

6)   Dr George Carlo: The Wireless Industry is Committing Scientific Fraud

7)   A member who lives in West Vancouver had his power shut off for about 5 hours on Saturday so that Hydro could put in a new transformer, replacing one that was there for a number of years. There seemed to be some urgency given that a crew was working on Saturday and the people who lost power were given no notice. We don’t know if the smeter fires and failures might be related to problems with transformers but we will try to find out. Has anyone else had transformers exchanged in their areas? Please let me know if you have with an email to with Transformer on the subject line.

From a member about incomprehensible bills. This person has been unable to get help from Hydro, and like many people is wondering who is out there to help with problems like this.

 We have received a bill that is obviously a clone and an estimate of the same time and date of last year which is October 29th to Dec 24th.
Last year's bill came in at $170.69 and this year's $365.91. The current bill says due to a delay in preparing your bill you will notice that it covers a longer than normal billing period which it doesn't. The amount owing may be more than your normal billing amount. Two pages later it says This is an adjusted bill and replaces any bills you may have received after Oct. 30th 2013. The now adjusted bill comes in at $1044.15 and precludes all payments amounting to $678.27 from October 20th 2013 to October 20th 2014. The billing of $365.91 is the difference in the adjustment of which we can make neither head nor tail of but has all of the exact same Electric Charges , Basic Charge ,Usage Charge etc..Payment expected January 8th. Then a new bill arrived yesterday demanding further payment from October 21st to Dec 18th on the same meter for an additional $272.14 payable January 14th. I have spent an hour with a former meter reader from B.C. Hydro / Accenture today to ascertain what parts of these billings make actual sense. She was outraged at the audacity of Accenture and how clearly the general public has continued to be ripped off. There simply were aspects of these bills that she couldn't understand.

We assume these billings are not done at source i.e B.C Hydro here in B.C. as there have now been so many discrepancies and a difference even in the language of the bills. The end result is that the two steps that our power purchase is predicated upon has now been reduced to one step at a predictably higher cost within the last few months.

It would seem that the only way to get rid of the B.C. Liberals Bermuda based hoodlums, at least in this instance, is to start our own Hydro / Solar Corporation or get rid of our current government but to what end?As long as there is no accountability and real understanding of this mess by any of our politicians it doesn't look like Accenture will be thrown to the wolves anytime soon.

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