Sunday, June 18, 2017


Time to Fire the Government

Myself, like other Americans, have had it.  And I wrote for an answer to see if our Justice & Laws work for Americans like you and me, if it don't work and they do not write me back
you'll know our system in Washington really is broken and only works for themselves.

The United States Department of Justice 
 Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20530-0001
  Listeners I asked a very easy very final question, Can & How can Americas People Fire the
Senate & House of Representatives, yep all of them.  Then appoint our oun people guided in LAW by the Attorney General Office to start putting The People in America First and all the Rest of the World #2.  Plus it should stop the Witch Hunt now going on in Washington.

Here's some info.   Did you know that every move our President has made is taking money out of the Elites pockets everyday ???   Bet you didn't know that !  Every Program, Or World Counsels, the U.N. and other Funding plus the Middle East that hates America and Shows it so much that we give them Millions of Americans Money per week... Case in point that America is Messed up..

It O.K. to give the Millions to the Terriorists Country's ( You know the one's that hate our Guts ) while the people in those countrys we're giving the money to can Sniper, Bomb, and Poison our people, our Troops and BURN OUR FLAG while our Representatives complain that Trump is getting out of hand with the things he's doing. So you'd call giving our Threats, Killers, Terriorists money a good thing ???  If so you can take the next Plane to the Middle East.

With all of this said our KIDS still cannot before class begins in Schools say the Pledge of Alligence to our Flag that which under it we are supposed to be protected.. Why are we teaching KIDS it no big thing not to honor a FLAG.  AND YOU THINK FIRING THE SENATE & HOUSE IS WRONG ?  They VOTE ON LAWS - AND WHAT IS ( SUPPOSE TO BE ) GOOD FOR AMERICANS.

I see it like we are all ANIMALS and the Government is the Veterinarian -  -- The Vet will tell the Country what is good for you and you the Animal can't speak, and even if you could speak you would not be allowed because you are not the DR.    The same is truth of our Government who, once they're voted in, are there to make money and plenty of it.  There is and I;ve had people on my Radio Shows that were there and witnessed it, a Second Government that telles the First Government what to do or those people who are told just disappear, die of aliments they were never known to have, and have strange accidents in remote areas by themselves later called Suicide...  

This is going to be a very very bumpy ride and only the People of this Great Country can Smooth out
the Raod upon us.   
If you agree that the Government needs to be Re-Set by Re-Formatting the Governemt just write to me at      If enough people feel like many do now but have not shown themselves to start doing something, I will start a Show that will allow people from all over the country to call in and tell the World what they think we should do .

Written by Bob Charles - Pyramid One Network is not responsible for Bob's feelings or Writing