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“In their startling new book, Steven and Evan Strong challenge the Out-of-Africa theory, looking at the strong DNA and archeological evidence that Australia is where modern human beings – Homo sapiens sapiens – derived.
The Original Australians (referred to by some as Aboriginals), like so many indigenous peoples, have been stripped of their heritage by an aggressive European colonizing power while has re-written the history books, largely as an exercise in justifying exploitation, suppression, cultural genocide at best and in a number of cases, actual racial extinction as with the mainland Tasmanians. Partially to justify these crimes, and partially through a cultural blindness, the original Australians were perceived as, and portrayed as, the most ‘backward’ and ‘primitive’ of people. Yet, as the Strongs show, Original Australians had a rich culture which may have sown the first seeds of spirituality in the world. They had the technology to make international seafaring voyages and have left traces in the Americas and possibly, Japan, Southern India, Egypt and elsewhere. They practiced brain surgery, invented the first hand tools and had knowledge of penicillin.
Shunned brings together thirty years of intensive research in consultation with Elders in the Original Australian community who have shared their knowledge and wisdom with the authors to an extent few people outside their community have been privileged to experience. This ground-breaking book is essential reading for anybody who wants to know where the human race came from and perhaps where they should be going…”  (Jan Scherpenhuizen- Our Editor/ Literary Agent)

Ancient Aliens In Australia: Pleiadian Origins of Humanity

Ancient Aliens Australia
Bruce Fenton, author and a guest host for the Science Channel’s most popular show of 2013 ‘The Unexplained Files’ (appearing in series two Summer 2014), along with esteemed researcher, speaker and author, Steven Strong, take us on a journey to the mysterious ancient sites of Australia. On the way we also pass through ancient ruins of the Maya and the Egyptians as we search for the lost history of our collective human origins.
In this remarkable book, supported by numerous photos and images, we are introduced to the incredible physical evidence for a lost civilisation in Australia that held advanced knowledge and high technology. A civilisation that seems to proclaim for itself an out of this world origin – in the direction of the seven sisters of the Pleiades constellation. This lost race of progenitors may well be the true ancestors of modern Homo sapiens, the mysterious unknown third race included in our DNA alongside that of Neanderthals and Denisovans. The evidence is supplied for you examination.
This is not just a sharing of physical research relating to an ancient alien contact event, it is far more. It is also the record of an incredible modern contact event, a series of spontaneous shamanic journeys into altered states of consciousness, these have supplied a wealth of information about the Pleiadian beings themselves and their intimate connection with the authors. Allow yourself to be taken through time and into other dimensions of reality to gain an understanding of one of our galaxies most advanced ancient species. This direct contact has already led to the ruins of two other lost civilisations being brought to the awareness of the authors, the Pleiadians continue to seed a path of discovery about the true history of ancient humanity.
Read with an open mind and much wisdom can be gained here.
Are you ready to finally reclaim the lost knowledge of your true origins? Are you ready to meet the ancient aliens of Australia?

Order “Forgotten Origin”

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Forgotten Origin can be ordered through Book Depository, with free world wide delivery and dispatched within 48 hours:
Forgotten Origin is the third in a series of books dedicated to the first Homo sapiens: the Australian Aboriginal people. Steven Strong and Evan Strong continue in their investigation into the global impact of Aboriginal people sailing from, never to, Australia no less than 50,000 years ago, paying particular attention to the shared principles found within many Gnostic scriptures and the Dreaming. As radical as this theory may appear, the rigor applied, whether through mtDNA, Y Chromosomes, skull morphology or historical accounts, and the religious ancestry upon which this hidden history is founded, demands serious consideration. This is not their story. Steven Strong and Evan Strong make no claim to speak on behalf of anyone. They do, however, have the right to relay that which Aboriginal culture-custodians insist is true. The First Australians are unique, and in no way descended from Africans or any other race. Forgotten Origin is merely another reminder of this hidden truth.
Book and eBook also available through University Press of America

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Constructing a New World Map can be ordered through Book Depository, with free world wide delivery and dispatched within 48 hours:
The first book in the trilogy. Nearly 50,000 years ago Australian Aboriginals set sail seeking new horizons. As they arrived on distant shores, they brought with them beliefs and a lifestyle unknown elsewhere. Their legacy was a mixed blessing. Although founding the basis of modern culture and cooperative living, they also exported knowledge of one errant practice.
These mariners did not volunteer to leave Australia, they were banished for selecting an agricultural practice that offended the Ancestral Spirits and the land. Living in the first Garden of Eden, as it was with Cain and Abel who chose to farm the land and animals, they were exiled for breaking a sacred covenant with the Dreaming. Common sense would dismiss these radical claims, but findings made at Aboriginal sites, ancient graves, and cave walls, along with new advances in genetics, have created circumstances that require the construction of a new world map.
Recent discovery of Gnostic texts at Nag Hammadi, particularly scriptures devoted to Mary and Jesus, reveal the ancient mystical tradition that began in the Dreaming was the inspiration behind their teachings. The message, preached by both the Dreaming, and Mary and Jesus is as relevant and important today as it was 50,000 years ago.
Also available through University Press of America

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Mary Magdalene’s Dreaming can be ordered through Book Depository, with free world wide delivery and dispatched within 48 hours:
In Mary Magdalene’s Dreaming Steven Strong and Evan Strong continue their esoteric journey tracing the origins of religion that they began their first book, Constructing A New World Map. Strong and Strong examine the Gnostic Scriptures detailing the words and deeds of Mary and Jesus recently found at Nag Hammadi. They were, as Jesus stated in the Gospel of Thomas, custodians of a secret tradition. Jesus insisted he is but the caretaker of a “bubbling spring that I have tended”. The authors further assert their belief that this “bubbling spring” is identical to the “secret place” aboriginal elder, Bill Neidjie, urges all to discover and it is their contention that a closer inspection of the ancient mystical spring Jesus and Mary accessed is evident in many Gnostic texts. The secret knowledge Mary and Jesus preached, stripped of cultural and geographic differences, is undoubtedly the purest replication of the Dreaming since the first mariners were banished from Australia.
Also available through University Press of America


Book Review from John McGrath – senior lecturer Newcastle University (retired)


  1. Ev haama
    Hi guys read co evolution very interesting blessings to all xox
    1. Steven Strong
      Thanks will put it on our books to buy list.
  2. Malcolm Hutton
    Jesus did not exist. All of the gospels are plagiarised from Ancient Egyptian Beliefs which recognised The Ever Coming (IW) Son (Suh) of God – IOSA. Still the same name in Gaelic, but the Greeks changed it to IESOUS and then in English it became Jesus.
    The stories are all very much the same but with some variations. The first two chapters of Luke are carved into the Temple Walls at Denderah and Luxor dating back 3,550 years and 3,350 years respectively. The miracles were all stories that happened in Heaven – not on Earth.
    Iesous is deliberately mistranslated in Bibles – as Joshua in the Old Testament, but as Jesus in the New Testament. We know it was deliberate and meant to hide the truth because the Greek word in the Septuagint for Joshua is ‘Oise’ – see 1 Samuel chapter 6 (Septuagint in Greek can be read at ‘Read Many versions of the Bible online).
    Have you had the hieroglyphs translated – as shown in the Jan/Feb issue of New Dawn magazine?
    I can only make out a few, after going through all vocabularies in at least two Egyptian grammars. The top two on page 11 seem to indicate a two or three letter consonant ending in the letter ‘W’ (The Quail Chick is here used as a determinative glyph).
    The Horizon or Canopy over Sirius is well known, but the rectangle contains one mysterious glyph – the pot or whatever with long neck, which is followed by the letters D S and B. (Deseb) – could be a Name since these glyphs are enclosed.
    Nevertheless a very interesting article.
    Regards Malcolm
    1. steve strong
      Hi Malcolm,
      Apologies, only saw your reply yesterday. And yes, the Glyphs have bben translated by Roy Johnson and verified as such by Dr. Dia Abou-Ghazi (General-Director Cairo Museum). They are Proto-Egyptian and come before the three scripts, and are dated to be over 4,500 years. the story of Jesus-all I can say was that if you read the Egyptian Book of the Dead and factor in Isis resurrecting Osiris, and their life leading up to Osiris being betrayed by a disvciple then crucified-there are many, many parrallels.
      What is constant is that around this area is a huge predominance of Aboriginal engravings that reek of Egyptian iconography. What may be of even more interest, is that I have just been introduced to relics of an ancient civilistation not far from the Glphs.
      i cover all of this in much greater detail in the highest selling national Aboriginal weekly newspaper, the National Indigenous Times. So far I have written about 15 articles varying from 2-5,000 words,It starts up again on Jan 27 and the first four articles, which I’ve already done, cover aspects of this issue in greater detail.
      There is a PhD paper just submitted on the Glyphs, and i will do an article on the Glyphs, it’s all bar finished, to be published in NIT and New Dawn.
      i don’t know where you live but on Feb 18 I’ve been asked to give a two hour presentation at Kariong (right next to the Gosford glyphs), the person who did the paper will be there as will two film crews. If you are interested i could send you the advertisement the community did up.
      thanks for the response and kind words, Cheers, Steve

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