Sunday, July 15, 2018

It's Pyramid One Radio Network's Birthday - Advertising Deals are here as a Present to our Listeners

Pyramid One Radio Network Advertising 

Starting this Month for 90 Days we are
Celebrating 8 YEARS of being Service to the World on our Network.

So, we are going to open a door for Businesses no matter whether Large or Small to run their Ad in the Beginning and End of Live Shows for only $199.00 a Month ( You can order one month at a time )
Payments are put in the Donation Area so all Monies are Tax Deductible.
All Shows go into our Archives and are Listened to and Downloaded 365 Days a Year so your Ad could be listened to for years and all for one small price.  Regular Price is $15.00 for each 30 Seconds.  This is a Huge Saving for our Birthday.

You can either supply us with a finished Ad or supply the Script to be used and we'll Record it at no Charge.

You can Contact Pyramid One Radio by E-Mailing us at 

We will contact within 24 Hours and Include a Phone Number.
"It's time to Change the World "
Bless & Thank You

Bob Charles - Owner - Pyramid One Radio Network - Florida / Texas / Cooma, Australia

Friday, July 13, 2018


Everyone that listens to Pyramid One Radio Network we only talk about and transmit things that are True not Trick Questions or Deceptive Talks with guests well this Senator wanted an Opinion from Bob Charles and Bob Charles gave him one and did not take the survey, the rest of the story is below.

   July 13, 2018

Dear Friend,
I'd really appreciate your opinion.
Please take 1 minute to answer 3 short questions about significant issues currently being considered by Congress.
Your input will help me better represent your views in Washington.
Thank you again for your time and please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of assistance to you or your family.   

Lindsey O. Graham
United States Senator
Here is the 3 Questions:
1) Do you support or oppose Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump's nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court?
2) Do you support or oppose calls to abolish ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement)?
3) Do you support or oppose a plan pending before Congress that would 1) fully fund construction of the border wall and 2) allow people who entered the country illegally as children to obtain citizenship?
All 3 Questions are designed to take Americans Rights to a Safe and Free Country Away and they want you to answer them ?
Comments ?  Write us at  

Friday, June 22, 2018

Bob Charles Says Listen to Stewart Swerdlow - CERN, Blue Beam and the Illuminati

Pyramid One Worldwide Network is here to Bring the Truth to the World

BOB CHARLES SAYS  - Some Information from a Whistle Blower that has proved authentic in relations to secrets that un-folded in Time and Other Experiences done since
the Late 40's

Are we Alone ???   Heck no Grasshoppers !!   We have not been alone EVER !   Many Questions will be answered and some you still may have reservations about believing but
the What If and the DID YOU KNOW questions are pretty much answered in this video.

To get what Stewart Swerdlow is talking about you must listen to the Whole Video then come up with your own solutions.  The Illuminati Are in HIGH GEAR to Control us All through your Internet, TV, News Papers, and Products Sold in Stores, and this has been going on since the 30's and 40's.  Here's something Bob Charles realized in 7th grade over 50 years ago.  Is the SUN HOT ?  Just a taste of where this is going in the things we've been taught all our lives.   NO NO NO The Sun is not HOT !  It is a Mass Ball of COLD FUSION - Simple Answer to that..  When your outside the Sun Seems HOT right ? but if your in a Plane at 40,000 feet high it is Freezing, Or on the Moon where temps can be 100 Degrees below Zero, HOW COME ?   The Same Sun shines there Right ?
Bob Charles has said many time on his shows that the Sun is not what NASA is telling you or the Scientists that tell you it is 1 Million Degrees,, IT IS BS.  But again they feed you the Info and you believe it, Simple but they are controlling you, mind programming, and just plain out lying...   If you have a different prospective you can write to Bob Charles at  with Questions or Comments or Book Conferences with full blown Question and Answer sessions so we all learn and start turning this world around for the Good of Humanity...  Now watch the Video then Write to Bob Charles.

Friday, June 15, 2018

THIS Will CHANGE Everything You KNOW...! (2018-2019)

Bob Charles Says - THIS Will CHANGE Everything You KNOW...! (2018-2019)


We can learn more about ourselves by learning what the past was saying.

Instead of Listening to stories about Russia and Elections or The Clinton's who's vast untapped money is keeping the LAW at bay and getting away doing things that common man would be Hanged for doing.
We need to understand we began on this planet as a LOVING society that wanted to bring LIFE and LIGHT to Earth in a Place for our Human Forms to Evolve.
Remember the invention of money was the start of a Downward action to our Now Modern Society.
It is up to you to make this what the Ancients intended it to be.
There are many Theories of Intelligence - Like "Trump" is the Last President
The Pope is the Last Pope
What are the Ones in our History or those Channeling Information Saying ?
I guess we'll find out Soon.