Sunday, July 19, 2020

Cholesterol-lowering drug could see coronavirus treated like common cold, study finds

Look I'm not a Doctor I'm a World Radio Station ( Pyramid One Radio ) Owner and
Broadcaster our Job in Truth Reporting is to CHECK CHECK CHECK a Reference or Tip before anyone says anything online.. I have something that I got this morning and After I got it it's also appeared in Yahoo News ( Of all Places ) This has been checked and the sources are convinced this is a Good Thing...
The thing that drives us here up a wall is that we have to get Research News from Europe for things concerning here in America because the News here will not Print or Report things that Either Piss off their Advertisers or The ADA and more. This is for real and I hope someone else other then us will pass this info around and WAKE some Doctors up to the fact there are other ways to STOP Corona Virus Dead in it's tracks
The Headline says
Cholesterol-lowering drug could see coronavirus treated like common cold, study finds
The drug fenofibrate allowed lung cells to burn more fat therefore
depriving the corona virus of the conditions it needs to survive
THE COST IS 60 PILLS for $60 and Medicare Covers it with your Co-Pay
Unlike the New Drug that Costs $4,000.00 for one weeks worth.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

The "WORDS" for the Day 06-28-2020

Donald Trump, 2020, logo, white supremacy

"The spirit is the life. Then each phase of the experience of the entity must be of the spiritual import in its very nature, if it is to live, to be the fulfilling of its purpose - to bring peace and harmony, for which purpose it IS in existence! It must be constructive in the very nature and the very desires, without thought of self being the one glorified in or by same! Rather the GLORY is to the influence or force that PROMPTS same!"
 Milk and Cows

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Host - Dr Randall George Nozawa - Round Table of Special Honored Guests

June 16th - "BE THE CHANGE" Host - Dr Randall George Nozawa - with a Round Table of Special Honored Guests
What's going on in our World ?   Find out here with more shows coming.   If you have questions or things that you want to know more about
just write it in the Comments with your Address and one of us will be back to you.  

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Bob's Quote for the Day !

Things come to mind everyday but most just think that thought was a Passing one, but sometimes it's the Universal Voice giving us a Message, here's mine to all of you !   

Here it is 
"To bring hope, to bring cheer, to bring joy, yea to bring a smile again to those whose face and heart are bathed in tears and in woe, is but making that divine love SHINE - SHINE - in thy own soul!"

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Tuesday SHow

On the Evening of June 16 at 6 PM Est/3 PM Pst -you are invited to listen to things you may not be able to hear anywhere, plus we want callers to call into the show at our new ONE NUMBER CALL at 609-663-0153 Here with 5 people on the Dr Randall George Nozawa Show " BE THE CHANGE" we will change the way you see and hear what is on the media everyday. C-U-There -  Guests are:

Georgia Love - Author, Paranormal Research, Metaphysical Insights, and more..Get a Copy of this Book Here:
Escape From Manhattan written by Georgia Love, Paranormal Researcher, Remote Viewer & Modern Astrologer
No longer is the tragedy of 9/11 considered Conspiracy Theory but now exposed as Truth and an inside job by the Cabal or
known as the Deep State. This non fiction creative book will red pill anyone you wish to wake up to reality.
The pen name, Georgia Love was chosen to assist women in choosing Escape from Manhattan; a primer in modern history they will be amazed with the depth of understanding offered.

 HAARP science exposed as it uses resonance to affect our weather, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes and more.Escape From Manhattan by Georgia Love, Paranormal Researcher, Remote Viewer & Modern Astrologer
She's on Facebook:

Dan Pelly - DAN PELLY’s Mission is to Instill Hope in others Hearts , & Inspire them To Want To Live . Dialogue is crucial about Suicide Ideation & Depression.  We must narrow the Disconnect from being Aware in the illness , To Prevention, Treatment & Recovery.  --- 

Patrick Herbert - At one point in my life I This World was telling me I needed to basically wake up and answer the call. I also discovered that I was “smuggled in” to awaken and elevate in frequency. Eventually I would have sessions with a Shaman and with a Seer (Carol Clarke) who have both informed me that I function as some form of conduit for an intergalactic audience. Suddenly, synchronistic events began to lead me down a rabbit hole. Over the course of this time, negative entities attacked us. I am here to help others awaken. My awakening and subsequent rebirth is still playing out but I am incredibly excited about the future as synchronistic events continue to manifest rapidly.      Patrick Herbert

Bob Charles - Producer- Director - Owner - Pyramid One World Radio Network  --Experience is everything, and here at Pyramid One RADIO, you will hear shows that will open your Mind to new levels of understanding, my job and the Network is to make you say "WHAT IF" at the end of the Shows and Allow you to plan out a Road to your Success in Life and Your Future. Our philosophy is to give you the benefits of all types of information to Enliven your Life with new avenues of  mind, body, and spirit.   Write in at