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The Photon Energy

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Video Transcription:
It is very interesting that every time I choose to enter the body, and every time I choose to channel information, especially it is on camera or on sound, all of the sudden there is a lot of noise on the outside, it never ceases to amaze me. I have been channeling through Margaret now for over 20 years of Earth time, and every time that I come to do a channeling, there is a noise of some kind, very interesting.

I wish to speak to you now about the Photon Energy. It has been coming into the Earth plane, ever since approximately And it has done a lot of shifting of energy during its time on the Earth plane. It is a man made energy in the sense of matter it was created by us in our world to speed up the change that is happening. We were guided by the energies from other solar systems, who helped us to create the energy. So in a sense it is man / woman made, but it was a group energy that created it. May I say to you it has done a wonderful, a really wonderful job while it has been on the Earth plane. You know the Photon Energy has speeded up time. You wonder why there are not enough hours in the day, while it is meant to be, because it is speeding up the hours, speeding up the days and the weeks. It is bring conscious change, physical change, and it is creating a new Earth in a sense, but it has many many years to go before it is the way that it will be. The Earth plane is changing, it is due to the Photon Energy. My channel has been writing about this since, perhaps for many many years just after it came in, and you need to be aware of it because it is going to create change in your life. You need to know it is not to be feared, it is to be welcomed. When I began my work with my channel, there were very few who were into the metaphysical of life, who wanted to know about intuition, past lives, etc. And now there are so many people who are studying, learning, wanting to learn, wanting to know about the science of metaphysics. And there will be more and more and more as time goes on. My channel carries an energy which will transform all those who are into her message, but it will also create fear in those who fight change and those who do not want to be in a different place, have change in their life for the better. For they fear change, they fear anything that is different. They do not fear it, their self fears it. The Photon Belt Energy, it is a wave of a energy like a belt, moving through the universe very slowly and with it’s energy transforming, just as my channel can transform with her energy. She has helped many thousands of souls along the way, with their growth and their strength in spirit. Spirit is nothing angelic, but it is pure energy. And if one uses the energy in the correct way, one’s life can be quite peaceful and bliss. But if one fears it, one will bring into the energy what one fears. It does not mean that she is different because of this energy, she has just raised her consciousness and her vibration to a level where the more that you release in a sense of the negative, the more that you will bring in the positive. There are thousands, millions of you in the world today who do not have to have misery and unhappiness, but it does not happen overnight, it has to be slow, but it can be, and it can change and transform your life. The Photon Energy has not finished yet, it will not be finished, oh it will be finished to a degree in the year 2030, but it will still going on for many many years, hundreds of years after that. All of you here are at a very auspicious time, a time when change is imminent, is happening and will continue to grow. And you all of you are unique in everything that you do because there is only one you. There is only one of you to experience the phenomenon that is happening with the Photon Energy. Do not fear the energy, have no fear. Welcome it and let it transform you. Thank you!

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