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Todays guest as source energy incarnated as Roger Larsen and he is from Norway.
He was activated back in late 2007 and followed his activated misson to share
his energy and contributed to this energetical shift into these new energies
of the new earth. 

He has done lections for Norwegian audience from mid Norway to south of Norway
during the period of 2008 - 2012
He has done videoblogs for the Scandinavian audience since 2008.
He enjoys taking photograps, being in the flow of present,  and has produced music sine 1993
Here is the link to his videoblog:

Here is the link to his latest melody which is inspired by the flow of the universal galactic love.
Indigo - "The Frequency Of Paradize Lovejoy ( Life Is Beautiful 2015 Trancemix )


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This one is summarize the breakthrough conference in Taiwan the 24-25th of january 2015, regards to the liberation of this planet.
Here you got the information that confirms the soulconstruct and the hijacking of the planet and the constructed MATRIX
which is called THE VEIL.

Cheryl’s Notes from Cobra’s Breakthrough Conference in Taiwan

“You must Unlearn What you have Learned”

Humans have been programed in many ways.
The First Programming of humans involve our initial Soul Contract. Soul Contracts were signed with the Archons prior to our first lifetime.  Humans on Planet Earth have Free Will.  This original Soul Contract, which we signed with the Archons prior to our first incarnation, enabled the Archons to implant us and program humans inside our plasma energy field to prevent us from having any remembrance of The Light and previous incarnations.

That was the first layer of programing. The added layer of programing was inserted by the Archons before each present incarnation. These implants are inserted into our soul ~ into our Etheric Body.  This part of our programming was to prevent a baby from remembering earlier incarnations.  It is a very painful process prior to birth and this is one reason why babies cry when they are born.

The second layer of programming is through our parents and the instillation of their fears, belief systems etc.   On going layers of programming occur through the educational system, government propaganda, media programming, religious programming etc.

So now is the time to deprogram our selves.  We have entered the Breakthrough phase at the last IS:IS Portal Activation in December 2014.  Breakthrough Phase means intensity is increasing.  More Light presence and more reaction from the Other Side are increasing.

It is very important to remain centered.  If Archons trigger us by others or it is important to remain calm and not react.

The compression break through is not The Event itself, it means the Energy is accumulating and increasing for The Event to occur.  It is like we are in the middle of a hurricane.  We are to Keep Centered.  Keep Focused.  Do not get provoked.

This change on our planet is a Galactic Change.  It is very strong energy.

Cobra described and showed a photo of himself in a high speed space craft when he traveled beyond the Veil, high up beyond the stratosphere, This is important for the removal of the Chimera group who maintains Planet Earth’s quarantine status.

Cobra spoke of working with Direct Contact = Physical contact with positive E.T. races.  “We are working on this contact to happen hopefully before the Event.” Break Through Phase.

More historical background is to be found in this article:

Here is the latest two interviews with Cobra regards to the planetary situation and what iss going on right in this momentum:

Here are these two links that will explain that is not working only to focus on raising the vibration alone
without including the physical human element, which is your body. Tobias Lars got many Munks as
clients, and here you can hear him talk about it., beacuse they gt problems after all the focus on
the energetical technics and tools to raise their vibration ( leaving their body and so on )

Tobias Lars - The Tao Monks and The Heart of Innocence

It fits very well together with this next video, so I recommend that connect them together.
Even if he talks abot souls, you can just recreate it to spirit within you oneself.

Tobias Lars - You want to Know God?
Feel & Heal your FUCKING SHADOW!

Here is videos that has the issue regards to how we keep holding
the illusion of separation ongoing and giving away our
own energy to others through our beliefsystems.

Tobias Lars - The Spiritual Placebo Effect ( fra 2014 )

Tobias Lars - We are the Gods - Channeling is over ( fra 2009 )

Our sexual energy has also been twisted and distorted, which everything has been
which this high spirit of our source energy is no longer going to be surpressed and
it needs to fined it balance and be healed

Tobias Lars - Sexual Spiritual Healing

Here are the explanaition regards to the UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODES 

Here are the explanation regards to the strawman through the birth certificate and how it worked.


Here is the UCC filing from 25th of july 2012 which Heather An Tucci jarraf filed through the process of OPPT,
which collapsed and foreclosed energeticly (= consciousness ) the former corporate slaverysystem, structured
through the governments, banking, nations and corporations, which all being tied into the Bankingindustry
through the UCC, and enslaved the individual through the birth certificate that was reconstructed to a works
as financial tool for the banking industry. That was done in 1934.

The real value comes from the individual and its energy you have by breathing and being, and not from any form
of representation for the individual, like gold, silver, digital money, papar money or any form of financial tools
used by the banking industry or corporations.

Here is Heather Ann- Tuccy Jarraf's website

Here is the UCC filing from september 2011 attached to Norways largest BANK CALLED DNB
You can see the difference in teh section which says the secured party, which in this
document says: Federal Reserve and in the other filing that Heather did, which it says
The secured party is the one people= The source of all there is, which is the
forecloser on the strawman and the individual is returned to its true

Now it is only the individual who has to upgrade and integrate this level of consciousness
which is a frequency and let go of these old beliefs systems and teachings.

Here are the explanation regards to the fraudlent FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING SYSTEM

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind

Here are the Banking Statement which shows you all banks in the world was tide in to FED and the banking industry

Mark Passo - Government , Jurristiction, Authority

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