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You Are Invited to Experience DNA RECODING,  
Human Evolutionary Upgrade

Judy's Story... 
Dear Friends,
Many years ago, when I was an healer working in the human energy field, a client telephoned me late one evening.  He was experiencing waves of energy running through his body and did not know what was happening to him.(I have written about this in the preface of my book "Sunshine Before the Dawn".)

When the man came to my home he had an out of body experience lying on my massage table.  He could not move or open his eyes and felt that he was on a space ship.  For two hours he described to me everything he could see around him and then surprised me by saying, "They say that you, Judy, have a purpose on Earth and your purpose is to recode the DNA."
At the time, 1998, I had no idea what was meant, but over the years I have come to understand that as human beings we have so much more capacity to heal and regenerate our bodies and to use our minds to create, as the Avatar beings we were originally designed to be. Some people on our planet have been able to tap into so called super-human abilitiesbut only a few.

Surely, if we were all created with the same human capacities of body and mind, in the same God given image, we should all share the same capacity to access more advanced human abilities. And if so, why has this not been possible until now?  What is different at this time on Earth?
I have been working with Spirit on a daily basis for a long time...18 years to be exact.  What I have been repeatedly told by my spiritual mentors is that after the Earth's shift to a fifth-dimensional energy domain, (this occurred on 21 December 2012), new energy words of recreation would begin to be transmitted to activate the human genome, the human DNA code, that would advance humanity in many ways.  It was explained that this advancement was to be both a physical and consciousness upgrade.
I was told that the electromagnetic energy and vibration of the words spoken would in turn affect DNA expression, the word sequences of the millions of 'words' in the human genome, to spark change in the organic structure and cellular template of the body, that would in turn, activate change in our human bodies and minds.
I believe that the fixed status of the human genome will alter as new energy words add to and upgrade the word sequences of the human book of life, the sequencing of the nucleic acid, mathematics and chemical codes of the DNA... the book of instructions for what it is to be a human being. 
I am really going out on a limb with this, but last night the first of these new coding sequences was transmitted and the results were electrifying!  You will feel it I am sure when you receive the first of these DNA upgrade transmissions. At this time I do not really know where it is all leading, however I am told that there will be three years of physical upgrade. 
I am trusting, as I was asked to trust at the beginning of my spiritual journey 18 years ago when I met my first spiritual guide Balthazar and my work with Spirit began.  Back in 1999, after working with Balthazar for a little over a year, I was suddenly asked to begin to teach people how to connect with Spirit.  I had no idea how to do this, but I was shown and it worked!

Now I am being asked to introduce a new topic, BEYOND HEALING, the secrets of new life in the body, and to transmit energy to recode the DNA.  I greatly appreciate your support and invite you to join me in this process.
We will begin this coming week. Everyone, no matter where you live on the planet, will receive this information, as long as you are on my mailing list. Share this information with others who may be interested.  The transmissions and information will also be available on my website under DNA RECODING, and you can subscribe to my RSS feed.  These transmissions are available by KOHA, a New Zealand Maori word that means "a gift from the heart". 

With love and blessings,
Judy Satori

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