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You should also know that some insurance companies, based on their own research, will no longer cover liabilities related to damage caused by smart meters.

Q: Why is my “smart” meter affecting my health?
As we discussed above in questions about the power of the pulses and how often they happen, it might be possible that it is the very bizarre and erratic nature of the emissions that are making people ill. We are not medical experts or scientists, and so don’t make claims about the reasons for your distress.
But the complaints and stories received by this website and elsewhere make it clear that, for whatever reason, these meters make some people sick, and often in similar ways.

 The time for any further studies on these dopey and deadly Electric Microwave Type 2B Carcinogen so-called Smart Meters is a waste of time. The now world-wide evidence from the World Health Organisation and other august bodies of Medical and Electromagnetic Research people who are not ” In the Pockets” of these truly now proving to be Corrupt and Money Grubbing and Money Worshiping Microwave Industries and their Sales people is now irrefutable.
How long will it be until all of these deadly dangerous and dopey so-called Microwave Electric so-called Smart Meters are ripped out of homes and small business properties, and the Safe and Passive Electric Analog Meters are reinstalled at the Electric Power Companies’ expense, that is the Burning Question that needs an immediate answer ?
 Stone the Crows Bob,
The old fashioned system of keeping ones Safe and Passive Electric Meter which I have safely padlocked up with an Industrial Padlock securing my Electric Meter box and getting a Meter Reader man to check it once every ninety (90) days is simply the best system of all.

Sorry Bob Charles wrong.  I saw on the news they arrested a women because she refuse to let them put it on her house. adgenda 21 coming to your town.

What does Health Canada say?

BC Hydro claims the RF radiation from their smart meters is not harmful to people and are within Health Canada guidelines. The truth is the safe exposure guidelines recommended by Health Canada deal only with the thermal effects of wireless radiation while ignoring the non-thermal effects. This means that if the radiation from wireless smart meters is not causing the tissue of your body to increase in temperature then you have nothing to worry about.

Health Canada dismisses the biological effects of low-level RF radiation by ignoring hundreds of published research studies that document biological effects at intensities thousands of times lower than what Health Canada deems to be safe. The biological effects over time can lead to any number of health effects including immune system and neurological disorders, and diseases including cancer. Wireless smart meter radiation can be harmful to humans and any statements by BC Hydro to the contrary are simply not true.

There is a real possibility that a large number of scenarios will occur where overlapping smart meter radiation may result in very high radiation densities. A computer model done by Sage Associates, a company located in Santa Barbara, California, demonstrated a number of situations where radiation densities would exceed US FCC (Federal Communications Commission) guidelines. (FCC safe limit guidelines are similar to those claimed by Health Canada.)

One situation was a kitchen in a single family home in which radiation spikes from a smart meter mounted on the outside wall entered the room and reflected off the major appliances, causing multiple doses to occupants. These effects would be compounded if neighbouring smart meters were in close proximity to your house.

A situation I am familiar with is a townhouse complex where 15 analog electric meters are currently mounted on a wall common with an owner's master bedroom. When BC Hydro installs the smart meters, each one will be reporting information to the wireless network 100 or more times a day resulting in excess of 1,500 radiation spikes over a 24-hour period, 365 days a year. It is very likely that similar situations will occur all over the province in long-term care facilities, daycare and preschool facilities, schools, public buildings and residential neighbourhoods.

What is the real truth about the smart meter program?

The smart meter program is not about saving money and reducing energy consumption. It's about a big company doing whatever it takes to return big profits to the provincial government: A recent newspaper article suggested that the smart meter program is designed to add value to BC Hydro for a quick BC Rail-type sale.

Smart meters are about gathering and recording very detailed personal information about you and your habits and selling it to whoever pays the price, like insurance companies and other organizations with deep pockets including government agencies. The information stored in BC Hydro computers will over time be worth a fortune. Smart meters are personal surveillance devices that will record when you go to bed and when you get up, if and when you get up during the night, when you leave for work and return home, and when you're on vacation. They will record what appliances you use and for how long.

The wireless signals they send to BC Hydro will be prone to hacking by anyone with the means and intent (according to the U.S. security firm InGuardians) because they are simply radio transmitters. Hackers have become extremely astute at stealing personal information and disrupting operating systems as the Pentagon, Sony and Apple have discovered, and I'm sure BC Hydro will not be immune.

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