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FRIDAY - T.G.I.F at 6 PM EST. On Pyramid One Radio YOUR HOST SVETLANA KIM And Her Guest Merle M Singer Then Dana Micucci



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And Her Guest
Merle M Singer is known as “THE Relationship Miracle Worker.” 

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Oct. 10th / Friday 6-7 pm EST - Svetlana Kim: Host of “To The StarsThrough Adversity” radio show: Entrepreneur, International speaker, consultant, Radio Talk show host, founder of Svetlana Kim LLC, Community Advocate and Author of the book: "White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee". An uplifting account of Svetlana's tireless search for the American Dream. Her book chronicles her journey from Russia to the USA, where she arrived with only one dollar in her pocket and not a single word of English. With the help of a good Samaritan, she travels by bus to California, hoping to connect with an acquaintance from home. She mistakenly goes to San Francisco instead of Sacramento, finding herself penniless and alone. A miraculous story of survival as Svetlana encounters kind strangers. She earns American citizenship, and today she is a leader among her peers in the business world, and has been honored with numerous awards citing her commitment, skill, and integrity. Svetlana reflects often on her Soviet-Korean grandmother White Pearl's tales of hard times, drawing on the strength to enable her to make the best of her own life. Image result for SVETLANA KIM PICSSvetlana Kim LLC features workshops and seminars to help organizations achieve the ultimate results. Calif.   web site:


Merle Singer

Merle M Singer is known as “THE Relationship Miracle Worker.” She holds both a Bachelor

of Science degree in Education and a Master of Science degree in the Psychology

of Reading from Temple University.

Perhaps Merle’s most significant credentials with regards to her significant abilities as a relationship

counselor, coach and educator are her more than 45 years of marriage to the same man, having

parented her husband’s children and their own son. Merle is easily able to empathize with women

who’ve experienced significant relationship difficulties and to help them overcome them, as she has.

Her“Transform Your Relationship Experience” (TM) System, is designed to help

women bring more happiness into their lives easily, swiftly, and without the participation - or even the

knowledge - of their partner or spouse.

She is also author of "The Valentine Relationship Book," 'Three Outrageous Secrets You Simply

Must Know,' where she takes a counter-intuitive approach to come common beliefs

It is available on Kindle and Amazon Books.

About Merle’s Presentations

Apassionate and articulate speaker and highly engaging interviewee, Merle brings a new light

to the topic of relationships. Unlike other “relationship experts,”Merle takes the controversial

position that women need to take responsibility for their own happiness, and stop trying to

convince her partner to participate in couple's counseling to change in any way. Yet each woman

can make changes, by changing the environment. She is the environment.

Merle's students have found that the same strategies are effective in the workplace, and Merle is fast

becoming the BUSINESS Relationship Miracle Worker.



¦ Transform Your Relationship Experience and Bring More Happiness Into Your Life - Now!

¦ Happiness: Relationship Reflects Your Happiness; It Doesn't Create It

¦ Dealing With Anger: Yours and His

¦ Worthiness: Do I Deserve What I Desire?

¦   Workplace: Secrets to Improving Your Work Environment Single-handedly.

Recent and Upcoming Engagements

     v Featured Presenter: Amazing Woman Alliance “Amazing Woman’s Day”March, 201 0

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Dana Micucci

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Oct. 10th  / Friday 7-8 pm EST - )  -  Dana Micucci:  She had  literary leanings followed with an early obsession with children’s story books, stacked in piles, and compulsive with book stores. She indulged a long-held fantasy to live as a bohemian writer in Paris.  Returning, Dana landed in New York City, became an independent journalist, while working briefly as a senior publicist at Christie’s the international art auction house.  The past 25 years her articles and essays have appeared in well known newspapers and magazines.  She interviewed numerous noted figures.  Her book “Sojourns of the Soul: One Woman’s Journey around the World and into Her Truth", is a gold-medal winner in the Nautilus Book Awards.  Her new novel "The Third Muse", combines mystery, suspense, history, and spirituality. Dana explores a timeless quest for wholeness through the soul connection of 2 women six centuries apart.  Set in the international art world, expressing a heart-centered wisdom inspired by Renaissance ideals and the goddess archetype. In our own time of great change and rebirth, Dana Micucci celebrates the return of a divine feminine consciousness and the power of love.”  Dana has been interviewed by television, radio and print media, and gives talks and workshops nationwide.  New Mexico & NYC  website: &

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