Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Powerful Message About A Mother's Love - WE CAN LOVE


long life, Two Kids who are the Best in the World, a Sister that is

still thinking of Me, and Two Marriages that went South due to Problems

we Humans face everyday. Now that I am a Radio Broadcaster I have the

Opportunity to pass on the News that we need each other, understand

everyone no matter their Beliefs, Race, or Situations. Yes for me it's

been a tough life but we all have the ability to turn it all around and

make life meaningful. There is real

LOVE in this WORLD, it begins with your Heart Expanding to let in the

World. Let the World enter you and Follow your Heart to Make a better

you and a Better World that is filled with LOV if you just say Thank You

for Waking me up and allowing me to be the Person I want to be....

Love is the Most Powerful Word in the World use it and you can change

yourself Overnight... Lov you all / written by
Bob Charles - Pyramid One Radio

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