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For those who really research and absolutely read the Facts in what is going on in the American Government you may see (After I mention this ) that there are some things missing that can change American Life.

Let's do the things by numbers:

1)    Send the FDA packing to have lunch on our Life and Dime somewhere else.  Case and point..  The FDA or Federal Drug Association does not have your back as they say at all publications posted they are there to make Money - Check this about how they evaluate what they say is safe for you and don't forget these are chemicals they are shoving down your throat -    HEADS UP !   When all their Departments check in with their Budgets it cost us over 15 Billion Dollars that comes out of our Income Taxes, Yes Dopies Your Taxes, your paying for their NEW Drugs that when you hear commercials they tell you about the side effects of the Drugs for 30 seconds of the commercials, yes it tells you how the NEW drug could KILL YOU !!!  We Paid for that !!

2)    MONSANTO - We all complain but do SQUAT about them.  They own rights to GENICALLY MODIFYING OUR FOOD SEEDS !  READ MY FRIENDS !    SO the FDA Approves Drugs that are made in part from the compounds found in the Seed Products you take...  I hope you have a Grave Site Picked out !    So while our Government is Sealing our boarders we are being Killed by the Millions from a dangerous Entity within. MONSANTO..  Could they stop them ???  Probably just like Europe has Banned any GMO product, is America that Stupid ( and I say that loosely ). Oh I also forgot, you don't need Corn in your gas which was one of the reasons MONSANTO got where it is.  GET IT NOW..  OIL/MONEY - GAS/MONEY - DRUGS/MONEY - GMO FOOD/MONEY ( should I go on ? ) They are sucking us dry !

3)   Foreign Language on my Products in my Stores.

OK Obama and our Congress has banned the Labeling of our Foods with GMO NOTATION on the Label of a product that is made from GMO Materials so you don't know it your buying something that is modifying your Physical body Chemicals, They don't give a RATS BOTTOM they want to shove it down your throat to kill you off at a younger age to reduce the World population.  READ THIS I DID AND I'M NOT HAPPY WITH IT - Oh by the way did anyone also read that the American Birth Rate is down ?  Dam I wonder why ?  HERE READ THIS -  And on top of it all my GMO food can kill me and There Spanish, French, and more Languages all over my Cans and Boxes, you do not see that in any other country - Do you agree we should stop this ?  If your coming to America you must live like an American, sorry we are not going to make it a simple VISA to visit or Live - Get an education before you ass is in America. 

4)   Lastly,   If your thinking like I am it is time to stop shoveling Billions to every Country that asks, yes I mean it !   Billions and Billions of Our Tax Dollars are Given to other Countries Month after Month for Hospitals, Roads, Infrastructure in their Country and More, There's no Building and Where did all the Money Go ??   This my friends is the Largest Money Laundering Scam in the Whole World, we are sending money all over the world that is coming back into someones/Groups/ Secret Government.  Yes we everyday watch our government get rich by breaking every LAW on the Books. Government Politicians are voted by YOU AND ME to enter a very Lucretive Club - They Vote on the Spending then do a $100.00 Lunch  Look at Social Security - in 2016 no one on Social Security got a raise in their checks because the Obama Administration said we did not need it, Hey tell that to my Bill Collectors, Water use went up 15%, Electric went up 17%, food went up 89% , and More. But Hey in 2017 Benefits for more than 60 million Social Security recipients will go up next year by a mere 0.3 percent, the Social Security Administration announced Tuesday  DOES THAT LOOK LIKE THE RAISES OUR BILL COLLECTORS ARE RAISING US ???  Here read More -

It looks like even though our Radio Station ( Pyramid One Network Worldwide ) May be going out of business as a FREE Network to the World it is only due to the Raises we cannot Afford to keep the Lights on here at the Station.

Like Pyramid One Network - This information is all true and we can do something about it by Donating to the Station at as we do the homework and research about these issues for you and tell the world so somehow we can stop this.

If you want my attention just write me at or  I'M WATCHING AND LISTENING

Bless Everyone, Peace in our Lifetime, LOV to Humanity

Bob Charles

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