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Joanne Brocas

 How I Met the Holy Angels

power of angel medicine  As a young child I felt a very close connection to God and a higher power. I took to heart a beautiful angel prayer that we all recited at the end of each school day. I began to repeat this same angel prayer once more just before I went to sleep each night. At this tender age I had learned about the divine power of prayer. This certainly set in motion the most important foundation of my spiritual growth. My alignment with the Holy Angels had begun!

My Divine Connection with the Angels
 I am often asked do I see the Angels? I see their dominant divine light frequency – the ray of God’s power that carries information about their species, their attributes and their divine message.
Do I hear the Angels? Yes, but again, this is not in the sense of a physical voice. I hear as a higher sense perception which can be received as thoughts, ideas, insight, or a deep internal knowing.
Do I feel the Angels? Yes, and the feeling I receive is one of love, comfort, joy, peace, harmony, support etc. Depending on the frequency they are bringing to my nervous system to be utilized.
 What the Holy Angels want us to Know

The most important divine truth I have learned from the angels is that they are sent by God to help us re-awaken to our divinity and to our eternal connection to God (Prime Creator of all there is).
We are always connected, it is a false belief that we separate. It is this unconscious or conscious false belief that we hold deep within our cells that interferes most with our state of health and how we create/cope with life. God is within us and without us as the Prime Creator.

 The Highest Forces of Divine Light
 Holy Angels will never force your will. They will never suggest you do anything that is harmful to you or another. They are totally interested in supporting your spiritual evolution and deepening your divine connection to God, your Higher-Self and your OWN divine authority.
This is the divine message from the highest forces of divine light!

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