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Luis Minero MONDAY - September 14th at 6PM EST President of IAC globally Call in with Questions 1-843-300-1399

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MONDAY - September 14th at 6PM EST
Luis Minero

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MONDAY - September 14th at 6PM EST. - Luis Minero - Luis Minero graduated in chemistry with honors; and has been an instructor and researcher with IAC  since 1996. He was the global IAC director of the administration department (2006-2012), of the education department (2012-2014) and currently he is the director of IAC’s California Office, and serves as the President of IAC globally.
Minero’s main lines of research are on assistance, intuition, evolutionary intelligence, universalism, acquisition of experience and nonphysical entities.
Minero has over 20 years of personal experience with paranormal phenomena, and is interviewed regularly on radio and TV programs throughout the world.  He is the author of the book “Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience” 
  , and has published many papers on projectiology and conscientiology, including in the Journal of Conscientiology. He also presented at the 1st International Congress on Existential Inversion in 1998, in Florianópolis, Brazil; at the 3rd International Congress of Projectiology and Conscientiology in 2002, in New York, USA; at the 1st World State Forum in 2006, in Iguaçu Falls, Brazil; and the 1st Global Symposium on Existential Inversion (2006), and the 2nd International Symposium on Conscientiological Research (2008), both at the IAC Campus in Portugal. He speaks fluently Spanish, English, Portuguese and German and has lectured in many countries across Europe, and North and South America; and is responsible for starting activities in Caracas, Venezuela; Mexico City; Phoenix, Arizona; and San Francisco Bay, California. He has also translated several books into English and Spanish.  WEBSITES: http://icc.iacworld.org  --    http://learnobes.com

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