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APRIL 14th 2015
on Channel ONE 

Treva Lynn Knott

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Global Activist, Visionary, You Tube Partner, Radio Personality, Healer and Social Critic. 

 I am here to raise the consciousness of humanity during this pivotal time in our planets history. I firmly believe that humanity is awakening and we must take the responsibility to support this process in any way we can. Whether it is in promoting change through activism or developing a greater way of being and living on our planet. I am here to offer some solutions to these challenges for the individual and for our global community as a whole. One Love http://www.bernardalvarez.com/
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The justBermard SHOW

Linda Carroll 

Guest:  Linda Carroll 

ABOUT:  The notions that passion always peters out, that we’re vulnerable to a “seven-year itch,” and that honeymoons are over once reality sets in are clichés that contain a kernel of truth. But the inevitable waning of infatuation doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy long-term love. As veteran couples therapist Linda Carroll shows, love cycles, including Doubt and Denial, are part of genuine intimacy, rather than signs of its demise. 
Love Cycles argues that by courageously journeying through the stages that follow the initial, rapturous Merge cycle, we can finally arrive on the shores of authentic intimate relationship. As crucial as our willingness to navigate the stormy waters of Disillusionment and Decision is our ability to embrace the inner personal development that is both a reward of and prerequisite for Wholehearted Loving. The goal that Carroll demonstrates how to attain is to become our best self and to share that self — honestly and joyfully — with another.

Linda Carroll is an American author and a marriage and family therapist for more than 35 years. Carroll received national attention in 1993 when one of her patients, the fugitive Katherine Ann Power, turned herself into authorities after spending twenty-three years eluding police. Carroll is best known professionally as a couple's therapist, and as an author of three books, the latest being Love Cycles: The Five Essential Stages of Lasting Love
Linda is the mother of 5 children, one of them being singer and musician Courtney Love, and is the daughter of novelist Paula Fox.
Learn more about Linda at http://www.lovecycles.org/

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Dr. Bernard A. Alvarez 



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Karen Neumann

Radio host of "About Oneness" a weekly radio show:  
South Carolina and The Netherlands
  Radio host of "About Oneness" a weekly radio show: about celebrating the on going Conscious Awakening of our planet and our realization of Oneness.  Karen is an integrated channel, medium, reiki master and metaphysical teacher. She has a varied and diverse background including that of being a singer, dancer and writer as well as working in the sport nutrition and fitness world. As a channel she brings forward the Teachings  and Knowledge of her non-physical guides called Theos. The Teachings of Theos bring forth messages of Oneness and Unconditional Love. The show features discussions, channeled readings and study. The purpose is to expand the awareness of our Truest Selves, and tapping into the truths of the Universe.
 info@aboutoneness.com -website : www.aboutoneness.com  
 Karen's GUEST IS !!!!!
Ina Custers van Bergen 
She is a Dutch Magistra, occultist, mystic and publicist. She is the founder and head of the first internationally recognized school of applied Hermetica which she founded in the Netherlands: the Hermetic Order Temple of Starlight . The Hermetic Order Temple of Starlight has a direct lineage to the Golden Dawn , by Dion Fortune , Ernest Butler and Dolores Ashcroft -Nowicki .


  7-8 pm EST -   Karen Dover: host of "TRUTH CODES RADIO SHOW" weekly radio show: A channel, author, crystal skulls guardian, counseling, energy healer, presents workshops and seminars.  USA  -  websites 

Release of deeply held EMOTIONAL responses within the old 3d earth created reality in TRUTH

| Author: | Filed under: 2015, Birthing the New Earth, expansion, LOVE, New Earth Reality, reality, TRUTH CODES, universe of 3 | Tags: , , , , , , , | Leave a comment Within the old 3d earth created reality we are taught from the moment we take our first breath to alter our behavior in order to be accepted by those around us. The child who has a temper tantrum and has the response of those around him being one of non acceptance will grow up to believe that his anger should never be displayed. He may believe that he is never supposed to ever feel anger and will then start altering his behavior to keep his anger hidden. This is just one example of how we alter our behavior in direct response of how our emotions were responded to as we grew up.
At this time the heightened energies are working to release CELLULAR PATTERNING and this is experienced as deep emotion at a human conscious waking mind level.  The behavior patterns that were adopted are not TRUTH, the human vehicle naturally will seek balance and it will naturally try to release the emotions that are experienced.  It will do this at increasingly “louder” rates, so any pain or discomfort in the body will only grow if it is not acknowledged.  In a world that has taught that to feel any pain is somehow not “normal” this creates a society that seeks to detach from the symptoms felt and find “instant” relief. This works to push the emotions deeper into the human vehicle and results in many disease patterns that can be seen very clearly within families. Indeed how families respond to each others emotions sets these behavior patterns from a very early age.

 The contact email address is   TRUTHCODES@gmail.com 

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