Thursday, March 12, 2015

RICHARD SHAW - "LIVE" LEARN ABOUT HIS FILM " Torah Codes End of Darkness " at 3 PM EST on SUNDAY MARCH 15th



Presentation on SUNDAY

March 15th Sunday 3-4 pm EST – Richard Shaw: Works in television broadcast productions, feature films and documentaries, earlier as a audio mixer and now a editor, producer and director. His career has been an unconventional leap from early  television sound and music scoring, to producing and directing. He oversees the entire project, all the way to final mastering. He founded Pinlight LLC a production company creating documentaries and a motion picture. With a ongoing production of the Watchers series on DVD, a best-selling documentary series on the Paranormal, UFOs and Earth changes, hosted and co-produced by L.A. Marzulli. Shaw's latest project is "TORAH CODES End to Darkness”, a startling new documentary film produced, directed and hosted by Richard Shaw. Torah Codes was filmed in New York City and Jerusalem Israel, to hear what the world experts are currently doing and discovering. There are Codes in the TORAH, the first 5 books of the Old Testament. The Code is real and mathematically provable. Incredibly the Code seems to have information about what is happening today. Names, places and events are all encoded. A select group of rabbis and professors have been working to crack the code. Shaw's goal at Pinlight LLC is to create provocative out-of-the box experiences for digital film and video productions, with a message of truth. Calif. 

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you tube Torah Codes End of Darkness trailer:

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