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Pacific Northwest Electromagnetic Radiation Warfare ​ Range​ training area -- YEP THEY ARE PLANNING TO ERADICATE US OR ??

And if our President Knows about this why is he not stopping it ??

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Please tune in to KBKW (link below) today at 5 PM PST to hear people fighting for their lives and the lives of their children and grandchildren against the U.S. Navy up here in the Pacific Northwest. Why should you listen? Because you may be next, that's why. This land-grab of the Olympic National Forest is for a GLOBAL SYSTEM known as the "space fence" -- the apotheosis of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) in the Reagan years, commonly known as "Star Wars." (Use an entertainment term and it doesn't sound serious.) 

For background:

Included below are some news articles and videos concerning the proposed Pacific Northwest Electromagnetic Radiation Warfare
​ Range​
 training area proposed by the Navy and awaiting the final approval of the Forest Service for use of their roads. The articles are in date order. The physical location is in the National Forest immediately adjacent to the Olympic National Park. See maps in articles. Flights would originate from Whidbey Island and go over the North Olympic cities to reach the West End.

The Navy's environmental assessment for the project:

Public Comment Deadline of November 28, 2014
Those wanting to add their voices need to address "substantive" issues in (and NOT in ) the Environmental Assessment. The Forest Service is  not interested in anything else. Put the name of the project in heading: PACIFIC NORTHWEST ELECTRONIC WARFARE RANGE. To be part of the process, it is extremely important that you do this NOW to "have standing" which means that you will be able to comment LATER if/when there are appeals concerning the decision. Here's the Forest Service paragraph:
Those wishing to provide input and have standing (eligibility) during the future Objection period for this project can be submitted to the project website, , and click on the “Comment on Project” link on the right side. If you have any questions regarding the details of this proposal or have comments, please contact Greg Wahl at (360) 956-2375.
We suggest that you also email to Greg Wahl at or send to Wahl at 1835 Black Lake Blvd. S.W., Olympia, WA 98512. Please focus on the environmental assessment in your comments to them. Also, please consider posting your letter to the page on Facebook: Protect Olympic Peninsula (noted below).

​Major comprehensive article by Dahr Jamail on Truthout, a national independent news and commentary website:

​November​ 6, 2014 meeting of the Navy/Forest Service in Port Angeles at the City Council chambers. Covered by KOMO news from Seattle (this is about a 3 hour trip for them). Dr. Bev Goldie is main speaker.

11/9/14 Peninsula Daily News on the 11/6 meeting:

November​ 6, 2014 meeting of the Navy/Forest Service in Port Angeles at the City Council chambers.  RainDagger Productions videos of the individual questions and comments.

10/16/14_Seattle Times_Front page above the fold:

Videos by RainDagger Productions of the comments and questions at the 10/14/14 meeting in Forks with the Forest Service and the Navy, comments to Jefferson County Board of Commissioners, Navy meeting on Whidbey 10/28:

More jets for Whidbey/Noise for PT (no mention of warfare training in it)

Make sure to read the COMMENTS under each of the PDN articles:

The better of the articles in PDN, goes into health effects:

First article done by Christi Barron, Forks Forum:

 "likes" as of Nov 
​​ to the Facebook page that was set up after the Forks meeting to cover the issue:

Also covering events as they occur is the Olympic Peninsula Environmental News available by e-mail subscription (not through FB)

The ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT that the Navy has submitted and the Forest Service initially approved as a FONSI (Finding of Not Significant Impact) is here:

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Hullo folks,
I have attached the briefest description of the concerns of the people of Olympia, WA. The one that affects each of us is that this can (and my sense is--will) set a precedent that all national parks are open for "War Games" by the Navy or other military forces. I will send out a message soon with wording and eddresses to send your objections. The deadline in NOv. 28. 

You might want to watch these women take on the Navy--as someday we may all be in their shoes. Some prayers may be a good idea, too. felicidades, Felicia

Thanks, Felicia.  Here are the details on tomorrow:  Nancy Botta and I are heading for a public meeting in Pacific Beach, WA, moderated by one of the Grays Harbor County Commissioners. Nancy will be videotaping the whole thing. In a neat twist on the Navy's rather twisted NEPA process, Wes Cormier, the County Commissioner, has asked me to be a panelist along with Navy and Forest Service reps, and my job as public advocate will be to pretty much challenge the kinds of obtuse and evasive answers they've been giving at meeting after meeting. 

I can scarcely believe they've agreed to this. Doors open at 4:30 and the meeting starts at 5. It's me versus the Navy, and guess who's loaded for bear and primed to win. I think you can stream it live at:  

Karen Sullivan

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