Monday, November 3, 2014

Jamie Clark is on TONIGHT to give FREE readings and Help you CALL 1-843-300-1399


Pyramid One Network

Nov. 3rd  / Mon. 8-9 pm EST - Jamie Clark: host of "A View of Humanity" weekly radio show:  A Psychic Medium.  With the guidance of his mother a medium, they research and explored Jamie's emerging gifted talents. With years of studying and revelations, Jamie discovered he had psychic intuition and could communicate messages with living and deceased people. Jamie feels energy through the use of Psychometry. Everything has an energy signature, vibrating at it's own rate. 
He has the ability to understand the language of energy and interpret it for you. Utilizing the connection of Oneness, the Matrix Life Force connects us all. A spiritual educator sharing his knowledge and experience to help others find their life path and to use their natural intuitive abilities.  Arizona  email:  - website:

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