Thursday, November 27, 2014



Letter: Smart meter picture bigger and more dangerous than painted.

Dear Editor, Mr. Allen is obviously very tuned in to the provincial big picture when it comes to smart meters and BC Hydro, but unfortunately, it is far larger and much worse than even he (and the majority of the population) is aware.

Dear Editor,
Mr. Allen [Lies make inevitable unacceptable, Oct. 3 Letters, Langley Advance] is obviously very tuned in to the provincial big picture when it comes to smart meters and BC Hydro, but unfortunately, it is far larger and much worse than even he (and the majority of the population) is aware.
First of all, we are not only being blackmailed by BC Hydro. The smart meter movement is far larger than that – it is a global effort.
The initiative actually is the brainchild of big brother (ie: Rockefellers and Rothschilds, et al). It was spelled out in full way back in the 1990s, along with many other troubling topics, through an entity called Agenda 21.
It was pushed through the United Nations, complete with all the information and guidance from the best lawyers on the planet. Everything from how to eliminate and skirt the independent and government agencies already in place in most first world countries to monitor radiation to how to “bully” and lie to the public was disclosed within Agenda 21 – so BC Hydro was trained by the best, most corrupt villains money can buy.
From GMO foods, to corporations having have the same – if not more – rights as people, to the banning and controlling of herbal and alternative medicines, Agenda 21 covered it all and then some.
Smart meters work by sending a signal outward from the unit. It can be received by any device that is within a few hundred yards, typically another smart meter (like your neighbour’s). It then continues to utilize every smart meter between your home and the nearest BC Hydro receiving station, which could be several 100 kilometres away.
Any criminal with $20 of electronic equipment can receive this information and use it against you.
By accepting smart meters, customers are giving in to a legal loophole called “implied consent.”
You are consenting to allowing BC Hydro to tear up your existing contact with them (one that kept the information on your power consumption between you, your meter reader, and BC Hydro) and replace it, with a digital smart meter, with a contract that allows them o share your information with every other customer and their smart meters between your house and the BC Hydro information collection headquarters.
Although we typically do not think about our power consumption as information that we would not want broadcast to the known universe, it is time that we did. Anyone can receive the signals from any smart meter.
I can imagine that, in the not too distant future, this paper will be printing headlines that homes are being robbed while the owners are out by robbers using homemade receivers that monitored the smart meter activity of the victims.
Mr. Allen is also bang-on regarding the fee increases that BC Hydro has in store for us. Many are already just now finding out that we are on a two-level system. I hope everyone is OK with getting up at 3 a.m. to do their laundry and have a shower, just to save some dollars and to be “power smart.”
He is also correct in that BC Hydro will play games with those who opt out of getting a smart meter. There will be a limited supply of analog meters for those brave rebels.
What did BC Hydro do with all the analog meters already changed? They were working fine. Were they even recycled and if so at what cost? Did hydro make money on that deal, too?
I wish that this and other newspapers and the reporters working for them did some real investigative reporting rather than sticking to the status quo from the big brother media.
For example, can someone within BC Hydro, the government, or even this newspaper answer the following questions:
• What gives BC Hydro the right to terminate the binding, pre-existing contract (one that does not broadcast a client’s power consumption) with a new contract that does broadcast and share the power consumption of one client with several 100 if not thousands?
• Can BC Hydro show the taxpayers where they have the legal right to begin broadcasting to the known universe the power consumption of each of its clients?
The most important message from Mr. Allen was at the end of his article, when he stated, “The elastic band of the proletariat is stretched a little more. It will, of course, one day snap.”
I hope that BC Hydro, TransLink, and even big brother are listening, because they are pulling the money out of our pockets now at a rate faster than we are able to fill them. Enough is enough!


  1. This is an informative letter from Lori Geisbrecht and very important that it go viral asap
    More blogs will be coming in from Lori and Georgia over the next week
    Any information that can be added to this blog is appreciated for sure

  2. Last week a baby was born in Vancouver with no brain activity in other words "brain dead" I am wondering if there may be an epidemic of this. Did the expectant mother carry her cell phone in her pocket which would be in direct contact with the fetus head resulting in this baby having no active brain.
    Would the media or the medical community ever report this if it was an epidemic?
    An alert to all expectant mothers -
    Do not carry on your person your cell phone. Carry it in your purse away from your stomach.
    Find out where the smart meter is located on your home or appartment.
    Use land line phones. not hand held phones as microwave energy can affect your unborn child.
    In Sweden microwave ovens have been outlawed for many years Why?
    This is important information for all expectant mothers.