Thursday, October 30, 2014

Is The Eruption Of The Volcano In Hawaii, A Wake-Up Call For All Of Us On Planet Earth?

Is This Just the TIP of the ICEBURG ??

Is The Eruption Of The Volcano In Hawaii, A Wake-Up Call For All Of Us On Planet Earth?

Forget about ISIS. Forget about Ebola. Forget about all of those false flag events. Forget about all of those 3D mundane things that are diversions from the truth. Forget about those in charge of this 3D world. Forget about your 3D possessions. Forget about this 3D world. Earlier, minor shifting events have taken place. Now, the MAJOR SHIFTING EVENT (THE BIG ONE) has just begun. Are you prepared to deal with it? It is your choice. You have the free will to spread love and light BIG TIME, or spread fear and lies BIG TIME.
Those in charge, have lost control. This major event will force them to realize that they are no longer in control. Awakened humans will be able to convince other humans easily, at the present time, that those in charge, have lost control. Will this lead to turmoil and destruction? Or will this lead to freedom and growth for this planet, and all of those entities who inhabit it?
There has been some talk about an EVACUATION, among those starseeds in the New York metropolitan area. Our Space Brothers and Space Sisters are ready to proceed with this type of operation, if it becomes necessary. There is talk about a meteor hitting this planet. If it is supposed to happen, those in charge, will not tell you. Why? Because the humans will PANIC. Should the humans be informed anyway? Would this EVACUATION take place for this reason, or another reason? What do you think?
Whatever I do, I will not take action, due to fear. Action will be taken out of love for my fellow human, as I do normally. The volcano in Hawaii has just erupted. Is the eruption of the volcano in Hawaii, a wake-up call for all of us on planet Earth?

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